Whether you’re looking for an internship/co-op, on campus job, or full-time opportunity, Charger Path, powered by Handshake, is the best place to start. The system can even help you with your search, connecting you with employers and opportunities you’d be interested in with just a few simple steps and profile modifications. Here’s how:


Update your Charger Path Profile

The more relevant information you’ve completed on your profile, the more relevant recommendations you’ll receive. This information not only helps the system to generate job suggestions for you, but it can also help employers find you.

Start by updating your Interest Section to include the type of positions you’re looking for (internships, co-ops, etc), the cities you’d like to work in, and the roles that interest you.  If you’re not sure where to start, check out the Role Pages on Handshake’s Blog to explore careers.

Once you’ve built out your interest section, continue completing your profile to increase your visibility---the more information you share, the more likely it is that employers will reach out to you (and remember to check your messages!)  Courses, Skills, Work Experience and Projects are all helpful sections to complete on your profile.  

Consider updating your Profile as often as you’d update your resume or LinkedIn Profile.  Add new skills, courses and experiences as you gain them to make sure employers have an accurate insight into your current background and skills.


Save jobs you’re considering

As you explore job opportunities in Charger Path, save those that catch your eye. You can save a job by clicking the bookmark icon. You’ll be able to easily find the jobs when you’re ready to apply.  

Saving jobs will also help you receive updates about the jobs (like reminders to apply before the position closes) and receive more targeted suggestions for future jobs. The system will suggest jobs based on your activity and recommend positions similar to those you’ve saved, helping you find even more jobs that interest you.


Follow employers you’re interested in

Charger Path can connect you with over 7,000 employers (and more added daily). When you find an employer that interests you, follow them by selecting the Follow/star icon.  You’ll receive email alerts when those employers post jobs or events and you’ll also receive improved job recommendations.

Not sure where to start, Check out the Employers that are coming to our virtual Career Fair on September 29th. The list will continue to grow as the event approaches, but you can get a headstart learning about and connecting with employers now.


With just a bit of time you can help Charger Path work for you!  If you have any questions or want to speak with a Career Coordinator, you can schedule an appointment through Charger Path. Select the Career Center tab to begin booking.