Handshake, the platform that powers Charger Path, has been researching trends to help student and alumni job seekers understand their options in the current job market with data, trends, and insights.  Through surveys with students, employers and universities, Handshake has determined that recruitment is very much alive in the virtual climate.

Here’s how this data can help you:

If you want to know who is hiring and taking applications, check out Handshake’s list of 500 potential employers that are hiring. Handshake updates this list regularly, so there are always “newly added” options for you to check out with every refresh.

We also recommend you update your profile with any new accomplishments, positions, courses, etc. You can also achieve success by checking your Charger Path account often and applying to jobs quickly.


If you want a better chance at being contacted by a recruiter, 80% of students/alumni who fill out their interest section, including job type, cities and roles, will get messaged. Handshake’s research has also shown a 257% increase in employers directly messaging students/alumni through the platform.  Be sure to log in consistently to your Charger Path account and check for new messages.

Students also have the option to message recruiters, and we encourage you to use the platform to network with companies that are of interest to you.


If you want advice from Career Services, we are virtually here to assist.  You can schedule an appointment through Charger Path or attend one of our Virtual Walk in Wednesday Sessions by emailing from 9-11 or 2-4 each Wednesday in June.