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The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted life as we previously knew it.  While hiring practices and internships may have changed during this pandemic, Employers are still hiring and interns and full-time employees are still needed!  Check out these resources to help you find your next co-op, internship or full-time job, whether it be in person or remote.  


Who’s Hiring?

The following resources can be utilized to see what companies are hiring at this time as well as companies that may have put hiring on hold.

500 Companies Hiring Students on Handshake Right Now:  This list, updated weekly includes 500 in-demand companies that are hiring using Handshake.  You can search by employer name or state.  Of course this isn’t a comprehensive list of all employers that are hiring. Use this data to kick start your search on Charger Path (Handshake) or on individual employer websites!

COVINTERN: COVINTERN was created by a student at Indiana University to connect students with employers for remote internship positions. The listing includes positions in a variety of fields at start-up as well as established companies.

ThriveCash: ThriveCash has shared a list of companies that are hiring new grads and students for full-time jobs and internships. The list is curated from student data and includes the types of positions that have verified hires.  You can also filter by cancelled internships if you’re looking to learn more about the potential status of a summer position. 


How Can I Find Remote Jobs?

There are also a variety of resources that students and alumni can use to find remote internships or jobs.  

Charger Path allows students and alumni to search for remote positions using one of the job filters in place in the system. Each Friday, the Career Services team is sharing updates on Charger Path postings with our Handshake from Home series.

Job seekers can also use sites like Career Builder, Chegg Internships,  Glassdoor, and LinkedIn among other career-based sites and filter by key terms such as “Remote” “Telecommute” “Work From Home” and “Virtual” among other terms.  There are even virtual options available with the federal government through the 2020-21 Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) program

One of the greatest things to come out of this pandemic has been collaboration and sharing of resources.  The UAH Career Services team has actively been engaged in webinars, learning and networking with schools across the nation. Florida State University has been kind enough to collate a listing of Virtual Jobs and Internships on their website that they’ve encouraged other Universities to share with their students as well. 


Need Help?

The UAH Career Services team is also still available virtually to assist! All resumes uploaded in Charger Path are being reviewed, we’re hosting Zoom webinars on a variety of Career topics, and we’re available to meet 1-1 with students virtually!