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This week's Blog Post is written by Katelyn Sides Baker, Workforce Recruitment Director for the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber. Check out her insights on making Huntsville your home for college and your career.


Live, Work, Play is lingo often used when referring to cities or mixed-use type of developments. But there is another important word to add in… STAY!

The Huntsville area is more than booming. We are averaging around 100 people per week who are moving here—so that’s 400 a month, more than 4,800 a year! Why do you think we are having this huge influx of people? It’s because we have a strong economy, great quality of life and low cost of living.

 So as a UAH student, why should you consider STAYing in Huntsville? It’s really a simple answer. Huntsville is the whole package. Yes, we are a small city but we have everything a big city has to offer. Entertainment options, food options, housing options, and many more.

Our average commute time is 20 minutes. In big cities where your commute might be 60-90 minutes, think of having that extra 2+ hours back in your day to spend on hiking or biking, trying out the new restaurant in town, or going to a signature Huntsville event.

 Believe it or not, commute time will matter to you one day. So will this whole “cost of living” thing you keep hearing about. When you get your first job and your first paycheck, you will notice Uncle Sam takes out a good chunk of it. Therefore, if your cost of living is low, that means you have more money to use on things that matter to you. Maybe that’s travel, or buying a house, or attending a concert. 

Huntsville was just ranked the #1 Best Affordable Place to Live in the U.S. in 2019 by U.S. News & world Report. This is huge! We are “outranking” a lot of cities where we compete for talent, like Nashville, Birmingham and Atlanta, as well as cities outside our region like Austin, Boston and Denver.

Huntsville wants you, and we have the jobs for you. Over the next while, you will see more than 10,000 jobs coming online. This is a big deal! These jobs range from aerospace to auto manufacturing to finance to communications. Huntsville is offering it all. Plus, why wouldn’t you want to be in a city that is growing? You can grow your career here with us. The opportunities in Huntsville are endless right now, and they will continue to be that way. 

So why wouldn’t you want to Live, Work, Play and STAY in Huntsville? (insert cricket sounds). Stay here. Huntsville wants you. We are not only a Smart Place, we are a smart choice. Check out more information about our area as well as internship and job opportunities on

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Thanks to Katelyn for sharing her thoughts with us.  You can connect with her on LinkedIn!