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The 25th Annual Graduate and Professional School Expo is coming to Huntsville on Monday, October 7th! Make sure you save the date, because this is an event you will not want to miss. The Grad School Expo will be held at Oakwood University from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm in their Career Connection Center. 


This is an event geared toward students who are applying for or interested in graduate school or professional school. There will be representatives from esteemed graduate and professional schools nationwide to disseminate information about their academic programs and opportunities. 


The Grad School Expo is a great event to attend to kickstart your graduate career, start preparing for your next level of education, and gather information about the process of applying to graduate school. Some of the universities that will have representatives at the event include UAH,  University of West Florida, University of West Georgia, University of Alabama, and many more! There will be many different graduate school programs represented at the Expo such as law, journalism, health sciences, education, optometry, and many more. 


Students at UAH are already preparing for professional school and the Grad School Expo helps develop those habits! Luke Worley, a junior majoring in Biology on the Pre-Med track who is planning to attend medical school at either the University of Alabama at Birmingham or Vanderbilt, is currently preparing for his MCAT and getting experience in the workfield by job shadowing and volunteering. Worley said the Expo would allow him to connect with potential professional schools and see if he would be a good fit for their programs. 


The event is also helpful for students who are planning to attend graduate school. Nadia Wright, a senior majoring in Marketing and Business Analytics, explained that a benefit of graduate school is that she gets to concentrate on a specific area in the industry that she is interested in. 


Graduate and professional school are great to have on a resume when applying for a career. The Graduate School Expo will give you all the information you need to prepare for this step and gear yourself toward the goal of graduating with a Master’s or professional degree.