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By this point in the semester we hope you’re utilizing Charger Path for all the amazing features it has to help you with your career, from job searching to scheduling an appointment with our office.  But did you know that if you’re not at 100% profile completion your profile is less visible and less appealing to employers. The truth hurts, but every student and alumni utilizing Charger Path can level up to 100% completion with just a few easy steps:


Once you complete these six steps you soon could be saying, “just took my Charger Path profile to 100%, turns out I got a job offer!”

  1. Fill out your Education Section!  Click the pencil next to your name and make sure you have your Major and Start/End Dates filled out.

  2. Fill out your Work Experience, make sure your Work Experience has a Job title, Employer, Time Period and Location. 

  3. Add an Organization and Extracurricular Activities.

  4. Add multiple skills, documents, courses, projects.

  5. Add a profile picture.

  6. Make your profile public--employers will be able to review your profile and you can also see which employers have reviewed your profile.

The progress bar will hit 100% only when you complete every section on your profile including a short bio, documents, projects and social links.  To further strengthen your experience in Charger Path, be sure to update your profile and career interests throughout college and beyond. The more detailed your profile, the more customized your results.

Career Services is here to help you optimize your Charger Path account.  We’ll have pop-up Charger Path hours every week until November 20 to answer any questions you may have.

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