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Mike Mercier, UAH


Preparation can make the difference between an initial conversation and a follow up. Take the time using these simple tips to maximize your time at Career Fair on Wednesday, September 4 from 8:30 - 1 in the University Fitness Center.

Career Fair is the pinnacle of job searching and one of the events that we are most excited for. You get the opportunity to network and connect with tons of employers that are coming on campus with the sole purpose of recruiting. It’s a pretty sweet deal, right? We want to share some tips with you to help you excel in your conversations and come prepared to impress for the jobs you want.

  1. Know who is coming: This fall we have 125+ employers attending the fair so definitely be on the lookout for the ones who catch your eye. If you login to your Charger Path account you can find a master list of every company that will be at the Career Fair. Under each company name there is a description of the company, the types of positions they are offering, and a list of the majors they’re recruiting. Take some time to read through this, and make a list of the companies that stand out to you.

  2. Research the companies that interest you: After crafting your list of favorites, research them. This is so important. Employers are impressed by job seekers who know about their company. Explore the company website, become familiar with their history, and see what type of individuals they’re looking for. You may find that the skills they want are the skills you have. Being informed and having knowledge about the company will be very impressive when you go to interact with their employers. Telling them why you’re interested in their company specifically will help you stand out in a crowd of jobseekers.

  3. Review your resume: Before attending the Career Fair, make sure your resume is ready! Career Services will offer workshops this week before the fair to help you prepare, and you can find the schedule on Charger Path.  Using the resources in Charger Path and on our website can help you polish up your resume before you go hand out multiple copies to multiple employers.

  4. Practice your pitch: When speaking with potential employers, being able to sell yourself is key. Before attending the fair, practice your pitch. Practice introducing yourself by stating who you are, the skills you have, and why you should be considered. Keep it short, but make sure you’re selling yourself every step of the way. Make sure you rehearse your pitch, but always remember to be yourself and it will come naturally. 

  5. Know what you’re wearing: Don’t wait until 30 minutes before the Career Fair to figure out what you’re going to wear. Pick out your outfit the night before to avoid “wardrobe worry” the day of. Try on your career fair outfit the night before to make sure you look professional and are comfortable. Wear comfortable but professional shoes so your feet don't hurt during the fair. Consider waiting until you get into the AC to put on your coat if you think you’ll get too hot (September in the South is no joke). It’s very noticeable if you’re super uncomfortable. You want to spend more time networking than thinking about when you can change!

Take advantage of these tips to come into Career Fair ready to crush any interactions you have with employers. Always remember: time spent in preparation will always pay off in the long run.