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Today we're chatting with Natalie Mueller from Fandom.  Learn more about this global pop culture company, with an office located right here in Huntsville.

1. Could you tell us a bit about Fandom and your role in the company?
Fandom is a global entertainment media brand powered by fan passion. The fan-trusted source in entertainment, we provide a home to explore, contribute to, and celebrate the world of pop culture. 
Whether you're looking for in-depth information on favorite fandoms or what’s buzzing in entertainment, Fandom has your pop culture curiosities covered through fan-expert knowledge and carefully curated and fun, original multi-platform content.

Our Fandom family is always growing.  We are best known for D&D Beyond (Dungeons and Dragons Beyond), Screen Junkies, Honest Trailers, Curse, Muthead, FutHead, and of course our Fandom Fan App. 

I have the privilege of supporting our own Fans within Fandom as the Employee Experience Partner; essentially I’m the HR resource for our Huntsville office. 


2. Fandom is described as  a "global entertainment media brand powered by fan passion."  Can you elaborate how that translates into Fandom's day to day operations?
At Fandom, it’s literally all about our Fans! We love passionate people who love what they do.  We are always challenging ourselves on how to provide better support, create better products, and create a better experience for our Fans.  

That could mean you’re working on various applications, engineering projects, designing products, working on strategic partnerships with huge brands like Marvel, EA Sports or showcasing the Fandom brand at the next Comic-Con. (Check out the Summer Party!)


3. What is your favorite part of working at Fandom?
We pride ourselves in being inclusive and welcoming to everyone.  We are looking for people who are leaders, go getters, and aren’t afraid to break molds.
4. In your opinion, what has been one of the most interesting projects you/Fandom has been involved in?
We have such a close connection with our fans and we’re always looking on how we can do things bigger and better. We have some great things in the works for D&D Beyond (Dungeons and Dragons Beyond) and Screen Junkies. 
5. Fandom has offices throughout the world. Can you tell us more about your Huntsville location?

To sum it up… It’s just such a cool place to work.  There’s honestly no other place like it in the area.  We are on the 6th floor of the BB&T building in downtown Huntsville.  When you walk through the door, you can literally feel the energy and feel the passion that breeds here. That’s what our Fandom magic is all about.  

And... to be fair the unlimited snacks/beverages and daily catered lunches don’t hurt either! :-) 


6. What traits does Fandom look for in an employee?
We are always looking for “Fans.”  Now that doesn’t mean you have to be a huge gamer, watch a ton of TV or be able to recite 90s sci-fi movies… It just means you have your own passion, something that drives you.  That personal passion is what fuels us and gives our organization life!
7. What advice do you have for students that are interested in working at Fandom?
In addition to participating in the Career Fair, we are having an upcoming open house.  If you would like to be on the VIP Guest List, send an email to or feel free to stop by our career fair booth and say Hi!
8. How can students and alumni connect with Fandom and learn more about your opportunities?

As a company we recognize the talent that is here in North Alabama and at schools like UAH.  We want to tap into that talent pool and provide an outlet for tech based careers that aren’t necessarily your typical DOD and contract positions. 

We are always looking for creative and technical talent.  Keep an eye out for great opportunities via our job postings.

If you’re interested in checking out our office and learning more about Fandom, we will be hosting an Open House in the near future; if you would like to attend, please send us an email to 

9. What is the best career advice you've received throughout your career?

Swing big and aim for the fence… but know that sometimes you will strike out... and that’s ok.   Keep working and know that every at bat is a new chance to hit a home run! 


Thanks to Fandom for chatting with us. If you're a Fan of Fandom, be sure to stop by their table at Career Fair on September 4!