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Use this summer to relax and refresh before heading back into the fall.


Summer often gives us the opportunity to take a deep breath and rest before the upcoming Fall semester. We wanted to share some different tips for how to maintain wellness over the summer so that you can come back in the Fall semester ready to succeed and stress less.

  1. Engage in occupational wellness - Make sure you keep your resume, references, and LinkedIn up to date! You never know when your next opportunity is going to present itself, and it’s helpful to have all of these things up to date in case a future employer has questions for you. If you’re just starting out in the real world and realizing that you don’t love what you do, whether it's in a full-time job or an internship, then think about why. Make a list of all of the pros and cons of working for that company and in your current position. If there are more deal breakers than deal makers, try searching for a job that aligns more with your interests. Try joining clubs and organizations outside of your current job that can help you discover what you’re passionate about.

  2. Make time for your emotional health - Take time out for yourself. Your mental and emotional health will thank you later. Work, school, and life can all be stressful at times. One of the most important lessons in life is learning how to say “no.” If you’ve been stuck on a project, take time out for a break to refresh your mind. If you find that you continue to run into obstacles and have had a hard time overcoming them, try practicing resilience. Know that it is okay to express how you’re feeling, whether you’re mad, sad, or stressed. Being able to appropriately and constructively articulate how you’re feeling is part of being an adult.

  3. Prioritize your physical well-being - Many of us neglect this aspect of wellness when we are extremely busy or stressed. You don’t have to work out 7 days a week for 3 hours a day to be physically well. Setting aside 30 minutes everyday to exercise or engage in physical activity is enough to maintain one’s physical health. Designating one day out of the week to meal prep for the week ahead can help cut down on the cost of eating out and make sure you are not skipping meals while at work. Remember to sleep for at least 7-9 hours each night so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the day has in store for you. Some individuals may need more than 9 hours of sleep depending on your sleep style. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep try disconnecting from your phone, avoiding caffeine in the evening, and going to bed on a consistent schedule.

  4. Stay on track of your financial wellness - Keeping track of your finances not only helps you in the present moment, but saving your money can also help you reap major benefits in the future! Knowing how to do “adult things” like balancing a checkbook, filing your taxes, and establishing good credit are all important obligations that as young adults we don’t always think about. Being able to do these things on your own without hiring someone to do them for you can help you establish independence and save you money. Try making a monthly budget based on your previous month’s spending and set up an emergency fund. If you’re starting out in a new job, research your company’s policy for matching 401(k) investments, they may match up to 6% of your contributions to your IRA. Start early, don’t wait until your 30s to start contributing to your retirement fund!


Your summer is a great time for you to do the things you love without feeling the weight of all that life has to offer. Self care is important for all people, as a student, learning this lesson now will benefit you greatly in the future. Utilize our list above and stay ahead of the game this summer.