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Michael Mercier | UAH


Today we get to talk with Calais Eledui, an intern with Blue Summit Supplies, a fast-growing startup in Huntsville. Read more to see what her internship experience has been like!

1. Tell us about what initially brought you to UAH.

I’m from Huntsville, so UAH was always an option. However, I have three older brothers who all went to school here, so watching them go through school and get so many opportunities for their career through UAH was really impactful.

2.  What made you choose to pursue a major in Writing?

I was originally a Kinesiology major when I came to UAH as a freshman, but I had always loved writing, and analyzing stories growing up. I realized from talking to friends and teachers that though I loved aspects of Kinesiology, writing had always been my passion.

3. You got an internship with Blue Summit Supplies, a fast-growing office supply store. How have you used what you are learning in school at your internship?

I think the biggest thing that comes to mind is learning to write under pressure. In school, I couldn’t always just wait for that moment when I was ready to be creative, I had to write when I needed to get something done. In the same way, I cannot wait until I am in the mood to produce good content, I have to write when something needs to be written.

4. How did your involvement in extracurriculars at UAH prepare you for the workforce?

I have developed strong communication and leadership ability through leading in my campus ministry and being an Orientation Leader. At Blue Summit Supplies, I am required to take a lot of initiative. I need to be able to communicate effectively when I need help on task. I think these positions on campus have prepared me well of this my current job at Blue Summit Supplies.

5. What is your office environment like? What’s one of the best parts of working there?

It is an open office concept. Blue Summit Supplies focuses on building community and communication by not having offices. Doing this makes me feel like part of the team. Even though I am one of the newest employees, my voice is heard and my ideas matter.

6. What lessons have you learned from working at Blue Summit Supplies that will prepare you for the real world?

I am a content blogger working with SEO, which is one of the main forms that companies use to build traffic on their site. This is something that I know will carry on into whatever job I take. I am not just learning how to write well, but I am learning the ins and outs of producing quality content for marketing that will carry on into whatever job I take next.

7. What resources did you take advantage of in order to get your internship?

I had a friend who worked at Blue Summit Supplies, and she sent me information on the position for which they were hiring. I applied through Charger Path, which made it really easy to submit my application, and within a week I had a job offer.

8. Who have been some of your biggest supporters during your time at college?

My parents for sure! I have lived at home for two of my three years at college, and they have been my biggest cheerleaders and emotional support through everything. I also have an awesome community of friends that I found here at UAH, which has held me up through a lot of tough stuff too.

9. What advice would you offer to someone who may be hesitant about getting a co-op or internship?

Don’t be! There isn’t anything to be afraid of or nervous for. It may seem daunting, and you probably will feel unprepared, but that is just in your head. This season of life is about learning. It’s about failing, but taking that failure and learning from it.

10. What’s the most fun thing to do on campus?

Honestly, just chill. There are some amazing hammocking trees around campus that I love laying in on a pretty day. Hammocking makes even the toughest day a hundred times better.


A huge thanks to Calais for sharing her thoughts and experience with us. If you are on the fence about applying for a co-op or internship, take her advice and remember that this season of life is all about learning.