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Photo courtesy of the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury


Today we chat with Christy Behnke, a Talent Manager for the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury. She shares about her love for working in a government office as well as her dedication to the team she works with. Check out her story below:

1. Could you tell us a little about the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury?

The Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury is responsible for the audit of state and local governmental entities and participates in the general financial and administrative management and oversight of state government. The office employs more than 500 staff and is led by Comptroller Justin P. Wilson, a Constitutional Officer who is elected by the Tennessee General Assembly. We are proud to have been recognized as a top workplace in Middle Tennessee for the past three years.


2. What brought you to start working for this organization?

In my previous position, I had the opportunity to interact with several staff members from the Comptroller’s Office.  The enthusiasm they had for their work and the team environment sparked my interest. After learning more, I found that the leadership in the Comptroller’s Office, especially the Comptroller himself, was dedicated to creating a culture where everyone contributed to the mission and knew they were making a difference in state government.  When I saw an available position that was in line with my career goals, I applied!


3. After looking through your website, we saw that your organization does a lot of training and workshops for the community. How important to you all is impacting the community?


In the Comptroller’s Office, we strive to deliver on our mission to make government work better. We believe our success as an office depends on finding opportunities for employees to accomplish our office’s goals and answer challenges to make things better for this office and our state.  We do this by:

·    Carrying out the audit of state and local government entities.

·    Participating in the general financial management and oversight of state government.

·    Overseeing a broad spectrum of activities focused on government accountability and integrity.


4. It seems that the Comptroller of the Treasury puts an emphasis on education and opportunity. Do you offer similar training and opportunities for growth for your employees?

Our office is committed to helping staff grow professionally and personally.  We promote taking part in training, continuing education programs and attaining certifications that will enhance job knowledge, performance and improve the office’s ability to make government work better. We also encourage staff to take advantage of perks such as a tuition fee waiver that can be used at state institutions of higher education and payment of review courses and licensure fees for certain national certifications and designations.


5. You shared on your website, too, that one of your main missions is to make government work better. What does that look like on a daily basis for you and your team?

Yes, the Comptroller’s Office has one mission: to make government work better. In this office, we believe our success depends on finding opportunities for employees to deliver on this mission through dedicated hard work and commitment.  Every member of the Comptroller’s team accepts personal responsibility to accomplish our mission and uphold it.


6. When you are looking to add new talent to your team, what kinds of things are you looking for?

Comptroller Wilson encourages every employee to wake up each morning and come to work wondering what challenge they are going to tackle that day. Our office is seeking people who are going to pay attention to the things that need to be done to make government work better and take personal responsibility to make those things happen.   

7. For you personally, what is the best part of your job?

I am very proud to be a lifelong Tennessean and work for the Comptroller of the Treasury.  Representing the office at recruiting events and in other capacities, I get to share my excitement for the work we do and encourage others to be a part of our team.  I know that our office is working hard to maintain the financial integrity and stability of the state. It’s fulfilling to know that I am contributing to our state’s continued success!


8. What are some of the benefits of working for a government agency?

For those that are interested in a service-oriented career, working for a government agency can be a fulfilling choice. There are opportunities for career development and advancement in Tennessee, and our overall compensation package is competitive.


9. As a Talent Manager, what advice would you offer students who are interested in pursuing a career for the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury?

I would encourage students to do their homework on organizations and companies when making an employment decision.  Starting a new position after college graduation is a milestone, it is important to make an informed choice.

Each spring and fall, our office participates in career fairs and meet the firms events at college campuses across the Southeast to provide students with more information about our office and the career opportunities available.

We also have an Audit Internship Program available to rising college juniors, seniors, or graduate students with majors in accounting, finance, economics, or information systems.  Students interested in the auditing field can participate in a broad range of audit assignments, experience the dynamics of working in a professional environment and hone skills and competencies that are valuable in any workplace.


10. Do you have any fun office stories that depict your normal work environment/team dynamic?

I started at the Comptroller’s Office just before the busy recruiting season.  While I was overwhelmed with a new position, new coworkers, and busy event schedule, the team assured me that they were my support and we were all in this together.  It made all the difference!


We are so thankful for Christy and her team as they strive to make government work better in Tennessee. If you want to hear more about job opportunities, be sure to check out the link she shared above.