office etiquetteThe ins and outs of making a good impression as you start your new job


Starting at a new company can be a little daunting. Every workplace has its own atmosphere, rituals, and traditions. Being the new person in the office can be a difficult thing for some people. It’s important that you establish yourself as a committed, respectful employee within the first few weeks of working there. Below we have some suggestions that will help you integrate yourself into any new office:


  1. Learn how the office works - Ask your colleagues and observe norms in the office such as dress code, decorating your desk area, how long lunch breaks are, etc. Learning about the office functions and culture can help you transition in smoothly.

  2. Arrive early - In case there is traffic or some kind of delay, leaving your home a few minutes early will allow you to still be on time to work. Arriving early every day will help improve your personal brand and show your coworkers that you are respectful and considerate of their time.

  3. Leave your phone tucked away - Unless you require your phone for your job, it should be tucked away so that you are not tempted to text, make personal calls, or constantly check your social media. It’s counterproductive and reflects negatively on you when you constantly use company time for your personal matters. Also, make sure that your phone’s volume is on vibrate or silenced to avoid distracting others.

  4. Keep emails (and other written correspondence) professional - Include a proper subject line, greeting and signature, and keep the message clear and concise. Remember to check your grammar, spelling, etc. Email may be the only or even the first way you contact someone, so it is important that you are portrayed as professional through how you write and format your messages. Remember – this too is a way to positively present your brand!

  5. Dress appropriately and pay attention to personal hygiene - Every office has a dress code, so make sure you dress accordingly. If they have casual Friday, remember you still want to remain professional, even if you are in jeans. It is always better to be on the dressier end of casual when in doubt. It is also important to come to work well groomed so you look and feel your best.


Here are some additional, helpful tips:


  • Always be respectful of others (that includes personal and company properties too!)

  • Think before you speak

  • Don’t interrupt your colleagues when they are speaking

  • Share/give credit when necessary

  • Be mindful of how your lunch smells and remember to clean out the refrigerator

  • Make some friends, but remember to remain professional

  • Don’t come to work sick

  • Be mindful of your body language and look engaged during meetings

  • Learn coworkers’ names quickly

  • Keep your desk neat and help to keep the whole office tidy

  • Remember that the internet never forgets so don’t make negative comments about your work or colleagues



At the end of the day, remember to be considerate, professional, and respectful with everything that you do. You want to learn as much as possible about your new workplace so that you can modify your choices to be the best employee you can be. Develop these habits early on in your career, and they will pay dividends in your future.