national student employment week

You may have noticed that all over campus this week, student employees are wearing the same shirt. Or you may have noticed our Student Employment Appreciation Video featuring some of our student workers that do Whatever It Takes!

From the Student Success Center, to the College of Engineering, to Sodexo, UAH students make up about a quarter of the total employees on the campus of UAH. For that reason, we have chosen to participate in National Student Employment Week, a week where colleges and universities across the nation recognize the importance of their student employees. At Career Services, we believe that our students perform invaluable services with enthusiasm, dedication, and initiative.


This week we want to honor and thank all of our students who work for the University of Alabama in Huntsville. You represent our university with pride and always go above and beyond in your duties. You help our university run smoothly and provide a warm, welcoming environment for all people.


We want to recognize the skills that you learn that will translate over into future career opportunities. Our students learn the importance of working on a team, professionalism in the workplace, time management skills, how to be organized, how to be able to adapt and remain flexible, how to lead out in projects, the behind-the-scenes of what makes this university run, and they manage to do it all with a smile on their face. It’s no wonder that so many companies in the area seek out our students for internships, co-ops, and full time jobs; our UAH student employees embody the best of the best when it comes to working with excellence.


From every copy made, to every door held, to every hand shaked, we want to say THANK YOU to all of our student workers who serve our university. Career Services will always be right there beside you, cheering you on as you grow as an employee and head off to bigger things.


If you’re reading this and you’re not a student worker, then be sure to thank some of our students who work for UAH. They deserve all of the credit and appreciation that we can send their way.