charger career chats with thompson gray

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Hannah Kaylor, a Human Resources Assistant at Thompson Gray answered our questions for today's Charger Career Chats. She discussed the fun working atmosphere at Thompson Gray and all of the job opportunities there are! Check it out below.


1. What is your title at Thompson Gray and how long have you been there?

Human Resources Assistant, a little over a year.


2. Could you tell us a little about your company?

Thompson Gray is a Federal Contractor established in July 2008 to support the DOD in budget/financial management and acquisition processes. Today we also provide programmatic, financial, and information technology support to our DOD clients with particular expertise and emphasis on GFEBS implementation and training. Our company is dedicated to helping our clients enhance their performance so that they may better benefit our communities and their workforce. The strength of our company is in the skills, experience, and work ethic of our professionals.


3. What made you choose to work for Thompson Gray/what brought you there?

Opportunity! I knew of others who worked for TG and knew that they loved it. When I had a chance to “get my foot in the door” I took it! I am so glad I did!


4.  What is your work atmosphere like?

Professional, Business casual, Fun! It is hands down the best place that I have ever worked, along with the friendliest of employees/ co-workers.


5. What is the best part of your work?

Making sure that employees are happy! I make sure their needs are met, whether it is administering company benefits or helping in career development. I enjoy it all!


6. What kinds of things do you look for in a resume when looking for employees?

  • Eligibility for security clearance.
  • Candidates that have good computer skills.
  • Candidates that have a good job record (i.e. steady work history, evidence of loyalty, no gaps in employment).


7. What kinds of qualities are most attractive in a potential employee?

  • Being early for interviews.
  • Being prepared, confident, and looking professional.


8.  How can students better engage with you and your company?

  • Come visit us at career fairs.
  • Follow us on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin).
  • We are always posting job openings.


9.  Do you have any overall advice for students, since you have been in their shoes, on how to pursue a professional career?

Take any opportunities that you get, regardless of pay and level of responsibility. These are stepping stones and will help you as you pursue a professional career.


10. Do you have any fun workplace stories that describe who Thompson Gray is a company and your team dynamic?

At our Christmas party this year we had a casino night themed party (pictured below). It included casinos games, DJ, fancy dinner, and other fun activities. We like to make sure that employees know they are valued.

Every year we sponsor the Rocket City Classic and take our friends and families out for a fun night of college basketball, and every summer we host a family event like a pool or garden party – so fun!


thompson gray casino night