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Simple steps to maximize your chances of obtaining the job you want.


Career Fair is a packed day full of opportunity for students and alumni; you hand out resumes, meet companies you are interested in, receive ridiculous amounts of information... and in the aftermath of this job tornado you may be wondering what happens next. We have created a list of 8 tips to help you follow up with employers and increase your chances of landing a position.


1) Apply online for jobs recruiters have told you about

This one sounds pretty straight forward, but when recruiters tell you to apply online... they mean you should apply online. This is not them trying to brush you off or push you away, they truly want you to take the time to apply to their company. If a recruiter has told you to apply online, then you need to do so within 48 hours maximum. Any later than that and employers will lose interest. Don't brush them off either - be diligent in applying and showing your enthusiasm.


2)  Connect on LinkedIn with some of the employers you have met

Such an easy way to continue a relationship, LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to directly connect with the recruiters you met. It can be as simple as sending a message saying "It was so nice to meet you, thank you for taking time with me today. I look forward to talking with you more." This outreach will show the employers that you have true interest in a job with their company.


3) Have your outfit ready to go for the interview

Though a little silly sounding, picking out your outfit ahead of time will help you mentally prepare for the interview. It is also important to know what level of attire you need to wear - casual, business casual, business professional, or business formal. You need to wear the right level for the right setting and may need time in advance to prepare.


4) Be flexible

Flexibility is key, your availability may make the difference between whether or not you get the job you want. It is possible that potential employers may try to schedule an interview within 24 hours of your first meeting. This is a great sign, but you need to be prepared for this kind of scenario. Get ahead of school work so that you have plenty of time slots for interviews and don't have to stress about homework or projects.


5) Schedule a mock interview

If you have the time, take advantage of Career Service's mock interviews where we will cater interviews to help with the different companies you have applied for. Not only will this help you prepare for the interview itself, our professionals will teach you universal interview tips and tricks so that you feel calm, cool, and collected for any future interviews you may have.


6) Continue to research companies

Your search for a job does not stop at the career fair or meeting an employer. Continue researching different jobs and companies that may be a good fit for you! You may end up finding a new job that is actually BETTER than the ones you applied for at Career Fair. The only way to find out is if you continue researching and looking.


7) Don't get discouraged if you have to wait

It can be very easy to become discouraged when you do not get responses quickly, but we want to encourage you not to give up. Many of these recruiters travel around to other Universities, so they may not be able to reach out to you for up to 3 months. During this time you can continue exploring other opportunities and preparing yourself for any future jobs. It is hard to be patient, but it will certainly be worth waiting a few weeks to secure a job that you are passionate about and will love.


8) Visit Career Services

Here at Career Services we have so many resources to better prepare you for a professional career, and we WANT to see you succeed. We are here to empower and equip you for the career you want. We offer support ranging from LinkedIn and networking assistance to career coaching to something as easy as resume review. All of these resources are free to UAH students and Alumni, so come visit us!

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