Internships integrate degree related, real-world experience with classroom studies; however, interns typically work only one semester and they are not always paid experiences.

Career Services typically works with students to identify non-credit bearing internships. If an internship is a required part of your program of study, you should contact your academic advisor to begin the process.

If you are receiving scholarships or other financial aid (grants, loans, etc.) at UAH and choose to enter either the Cooperative Education or Internship program, it is important to contact both Career Services and the Office of Financial Aid so that your funds may be administered accurately according to your co-op or internship schedule. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure financial aid and scholarships are properly scheduled for disbursement.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education (co-op) is a program designed to integrate degree-related, real-world experience with classroom studies. Co-ops work multiple semesters with the same employer and are paid employees. Employers may or may not offer additional benefits.

The co-op program intentionally provides a balance of work and school. There are two basic models. The Alternating Program allows students to work full time during the semester and then go to school full time the following semester, rotating work and school terms until the co-op requirements are met. The Parallel Program allows students to work part time and go to school part time consecutive semesters. It is never recommended that a student work full time and go to school full time simultaneously.

There is no academic credit offered for Cooperative Education; however, students are expected to register their co-op position with the university through the Career Services office.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must be currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program
  • There are no minimum institutional credit requirements to participate in co-ops and internships but at least a sophomore standing is recommended
  • Minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA for undergraduate students and 3.0 cumulative GPA for graduate students
  • Have a complete Charger Path profile including an uploaded and approved resume

To learn more about the program and its requirements, please review the Co-op and Internship Handbook.