Dr. Patrick Reardon

Director, Center for Applied Optics Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department


Dr. Patrick J. Reardon received his B.S. in Physics from DePaul University (1986), then his M.S. and Ph.D. in Physics from UAH (1990 and 1993, respectively) performing research in optical design techniques for analogue optical computing. He was the Chief Optical Systems Designer at Teledyne Brown Engineering for three years. While there, he worked on analogue optical computing, diffractive and micro-optics technology, IR seekers, IR zoom systems, and an optical system for a space borne protein crystal growth experiment. As a consultant, he designed novel intraocular lenses and developed metrology systems for testing them. He briefly joined Johnson & Johnson in Roanoke, VA, as the Manager of Optical Design in their Progressive Addition Spectacle Lens team. Then he joined the Center for Applied Optics where his work spans the fields of polarimeter calibration, space based Lidar, large optics metrology, eye oximetry, ophthalmic optics and optical systems design and analysis.

Dr. Reardon currently teaches the graduate course “Lens Design,” the graduate and undergraduate “Fiber Optics Communications” class, taught the graduate-level class "Fourier Optics," created and taught a graduate-level Advanced Lens Design class. He has also taught the Senior Design 2-semester series for the OPE students. Their projects have, since Spring 2013, won 3rd, 2nd and now 1st place in the Paul Michael Salmon Outstanding Engineering Design Award within the UAH-ECE department.

His interests include optical design and optical systems design, metrology, and advanced wavefront sensor design for adaptive optics, polarization, orbital angular momentum and performance of annular segmented optical systems. He is proficient in the Code V and Zemax optical design and analysis codes, and the ASAP optical analysis code.

He has four patents and over 50 publications.


  • Ph.D., Physics, DePaul University, 1993
  • M.S., Physics, DePaul University, 1990
  • B.S., Physics, DePaul University, 1986


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