OSE: Fourier Optics: Spring 2008

Hours: 3 Fourier Analysis Properties; Special 1 & 2-D Functions, Scalar vs. Vector Theory, Angular Spectrum. Scalar Diffraction; Fresnel, Fraunhofer. Diffraction in optical Systems; Diffraction effects of a lens system, Image Formation, Coherent vs. Incoherent. Effects and modeling of image degradation; Aberrations, Scattering, Ghosts, OTF, ATF, MTF. Numerical Methods for Diffraction Calculations; FFT, Gaussian Decomposition (ASAP), Rigorous Coupled Wave, FDTD. Optical Information Processing; Wavefront Modulation and recording, VanderLugt Filter, Holography.

OSE :Optical Testing: Spring 2007

Hours: 3 Gaussian lens formula; optical power & focal length, two power system, magnification, principal planes, stop, marginal & chief ray, entrance & exit pupils, F-number. Collimator types, alignment, checking collimation (shear plate demo), align lens to a collimator, EFL measurement via plate scale. Nodal points, T-Bar Nodal Slide, measuring EFL, entrance pupil, F-number, axial color, field curvature, distortion. MTF, LSF. Aberrations; ray trace, transverse ray aberration, ray fan plot, measuring TRA, astigmatism on T-bar, Coddington's Equations, Ritchey-Commom test. Snell's law, glass properties (refractive index, dispersion, critical angle, Brewster angle). Prisms deviation; radius of curvature, resolution, resolution test and correction, thermal effects, depth of focus, PSF profile, “Star test”, line spread function, knife edge response, encircled energy. Irradiance, radiance, and integrating spheres. Lens transmission. Interferometers. Telescopes. Aspherical surfaces. Interferogram. Fabry-Perot. Knife Edge. Schack-Hartmann. Surface roughness and scatter.

OSE: 570/PH: 570, PH:789 Guest lectures: Certifiable Cryogenic IR-Sensor Design: Spring 1998, Fall 2004

EE: 692 Guest Lecture and Seminar: Why is it important to report results in the International System of Units?: Spring 2001, Fall 2000

Special Topics:610 Fourier/Digital Optical Image Processing: Remote Sensor Testing; Fall 2004, Spring 2006

Hours: 3 An introduction to optical principles – Conjugates (stops and pupils, objects and images), one skew ray, Lagrange invariant, Helmholtz invariant, Nyquist interval in an optical system. Fourier transforms with optical elements – From Maxwell’s equations to a Fourier Transform (conservation of energy, polarization, temporal coherence, spatial coherence - VanCittert Zernike), wavelength, focal length, aperture dimensions.Sampling the optical image – The transducer and its effects, follow the power - a spatial, spectral, temporal integral.What have I done – What did I set out to do, how uncertain is what I did.