Mr. Darell Engelhaupt

Research Scientist VI, S3, Center for Applied Optics


Darell Engelhaupt has been a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama, Center for Applied Optics since 1990. He has 30 years experience in manufacturing unique precision components and optical devices. He received a BS in General Engineering/Physics from the University of Missouri and continued in graduate school part time five years at the University of Kansas. His work experience includes 4 years in the USAF in radar maintenance, 22 years in the defense industry and 13 years with UAH. As Senior Engineer at Bendix, KCMO (13 years) he was responsible for advanced research and development of non-nuclear components for the AEC (DOE). As Member, Technical Staff, Martin Marietta (6 years) Mr. Engelhaupt was laboratory manager for their electrochemistry and plating development activities. In this capacity he developed innovative new processes and process control methods for fabrication of optical and other precision components. Mr. Engelhaupt then served 2-1/2 years as Program Manager in new developments for Textron Corp. at Bell Aerospace division, prior to moving to Huntsville, AL and the University of Alabama, CAO. Mr. Engelhaupt's work includes studies of the hydrogen permeability of storage vessels, ultra-high strength electrodeposited alloys, plating instrumentation development and electrochemical methods, electroformed optics, x-ray mirror fabrication, non-reflective coatings, engineering materials and manufacturing methods. He has extensive experience in bids, proposals and contracts for engineering and scientific efforts. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 peer reviewed papers and presentations and written a book chapter for CRC Press. He is inventor or co-inventor on 15 patents with 2 patents assigned to UAH. He is a member of AESF, SPIE and The Electrochemical Society (ECS). His hobbies include unique metal art and antique automobile restoration.


  • B.S., General Engineering and Physics, University of Missouri