Study Abroad in Romania, Summer 2014



Course: MGT 470/490 (6 hours) for undergraduates, MGT 570/650 (6 Hours) for graduates, For undergraduates, 3 hours can be MGT 450

Where: Romanian-American University, Bucharest, Romania

When: June 8 - 20

Credit: 6 hours undergraduate or 6 hours graduate

Course Description: This course cosponsored by Romanian-American University and UAH. We learn about World Economy, International Trade and Policies, European Monetary Policy, Globalization, International Business Management, Project Management, Organizational Behavior and International Law in the setting of Romania, an Eastern European country that joined European Union, January 1, 2007. Students in the class will be UAH students and RAU students.

Expected Instructors: Dr. Florin Bonciu, Dr. Ovidu Folcutt, Dr. Mihai Sebea, Dr. Valeriu Potecea, Dr. Charles Hickman, and Dr. James K. McCollum

For more information, email:; Phone: 256-824-6598.

Enrollment Requirements: Upper-level undergraduate or graduate status.

Steps to take

  1. Obtain a passport if you don't have one now. Do this as soon as possible.  Passport applications may take up to six weeks to be processed due to increased requirements for passports to travel to and from countries that formerly did not require them. You can get a passport in about one week using an "expedited" procedure. Call the Circuit Clerk's office at the Court House, Room 217, phone 532-3380, speak to Abby.
  2. Register in the course beginning April, 2014, at the Business Advisement Center BAB 102 (Mrs. Jennifer Pettitt)
  3. Obtain airline transportation to arrive in Bucharest (Otopeni International Airport) by the class start date and leave approximately two weeks later. (You can come earlier and/or stay later if desired, at your expense and not part of the UAH program).  RAU will arrange for groups to visit the Black Sea or Transylvania by providing transportation, lodging, and a guide for pre or post regular class dates.
  4. Pay the Romanian-American University fee, approximately 850 Euros, due May 1, 2013.(875 Euros for late payment). RAU provides instructors, ground transportation to and from the airport and in and around Bucharest; a weekend trip to Bran (Dracula's) Castle, Rasnov Fortress, the Medieval City of Brasov, plus meals, lodging, and classroom facilities for 16 days
  5. Accompany the class to cultural and business sites in Bucharest and the weekend trip to the mountains (Bran, Brasov, Raznov, Siniai
  6. Read a book: Choices – 
    • Sheila Kast & Jim Rosapepe, Dracula is Dead: How Romania Survived Communism and Emerged Since 1989, 2009;
    • James K. McCollum, Is Communism Dead Forever? Lanham, MD. University Press of American, 1998 ;
    • McCollum, Romania Opening All of the Doors, Trafford Pub. Co, 2003 (available on Amazon .com);
    • Steven D. Roper, Romania: The Unfinished Revolution, Routledge Publishers 2000;
    • Boia, Lucian, Romania, Reaktion, (2004) (also available on or Barnes&
    • Tom Gallagher, Romania and the European Union: How the Weak Vanquished the Strong, (2009).
  7. Write a book review of the book you read (at least 6 pages) and bring it to the 2d, 3d or 4th orientation session. Give a short oral presentation about the book at one of the later orientation sessions..
  8. Attend 12 hours of class prior to departure.
  9. Participate in classes, discussions, and team activities involving mixed U.S./Romanian teams at RAU. Go on the weekend trip to Transylvania.
  10. Write a paper of experiences and lessons learned after returning to the U.S. (at least 10 pages).

Expected Costs

A total of approximately $3,000, in addition to UAH tuition.

Romanian-American University fee: €850 Euro (approximately $1,200.) Plus UAH graduate or undergraduate tuition

Roundtrip airfare approximately $1,600 (arranged individually by students) consult Orbitz, Expedia, Cheap Trips, Travelocity, Sta Travel or local travel agents for arrangements)

Passport $157 at the expedited rate (less for regular handling)

Pocket money for souvenirs, snacks, meals on evening forays in Bucharest

Financial Aid

A limited amount of financial aid will be available. Awards will be based on financial need. Complete the UAH scholarship form found at: Be sure to complete the portion for scholarships based on financial need. We will evaluate applications beginning in March, so submit your financial aid information no later than March 1.