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The College of Business encourages students to become involved in as many student organizations as their interest, schedule, and educational goals permit. The experience contributes to your overall college education as well as gives you many opportunities for leadership and professional development. Other benefits for joining student organizations include:

  • making new friends
  • developing new skills and abilities
  • working as part of a team
  • learning to set and achieve goals
  • sharing your time and talents

Most organizations sponsor talks and presentations by business leaders in particular fields. Others arrange special events.

Club Leadership

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Open to all Students:

Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest academic fraternity in the world. Our focus is on developing the professional skills required to succeed in the workforce, while still having a sense of brotherhood and prestige that comes from a fraternal organization.

For more information contact: Chardonnay Copeland

Economics Club

The Economics Association is a forum where students and faculty discuss economic concepts and apply applications as well as promote interest in economic issues, both domestic and international.

For more information contact: econassoc@uah.edu

Entrepreneurship Club

The goal of the UAH Entrepreneurship Club is to unleash the creativity of students by educating them in the art and science of entrepreneurship, and connecting them with other entrepreneurs, potential investors and employers, mentors, and local community. Club membership is open to students of all majors, both undergraduate and graduate.

For more information contact: Yeolan Lee yeolan.lee@uah.edu


As an independent, nonprofit, global association, ISACA engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems. Previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, ISACA now goes by its acronym only, to reflect the broad range of IT governance professionals it serves. Through more than 200 chapters established in more than 80 countries, ISACA provides its members with education, resource sharing, advocacy, professional networking, and a host of other benefits on a local level. The UAH chapter focuses on cybersecurity, professional development and networking, and education and community awareness.

Club advisor: DJ Hovermale dj.hovermale@uah.edu

iSystems Club

The mission of the iSystems Club is to provide an environment in which students can improve their business, social, and technical skills pertaining to Information Systems in order to have a competitive advantage when entering the workforce.

For more information contact: isystems@uah.edu

Club advisor: Wai Yin Mok wai.mok@uah.edu

Supply Chain Management Association

The University of Alabama in Huntsville SCMA vision is to learn and share knowledge about how companies best serve their customers and collaborate with their suppliers. Our organization is open to all majors, in all colleges and all concentrations. In particular we go beyond the academic curriculum with hands-on experience.

For more information contact: scma@uah.edu

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

UAH-SHRM gives students the opportunity to interact with "real world" human resource managers, members of the professional community, and the North Alabama Professional SHRM chapter

For more information contact: Dr. Frank Mullins frank.mullins@uah.edu

DECA - UAH Chapter

DECA is an international organization founded in the United States. DECA assists students with developing important networking and interviewing skills for entering the job market in marketing, finance, hospitality, management, and entrepreneurship. liwu.hsu@uah.edu

Women in Business and Leadership

Women in Business and Leadership provides a forum for women to engage in career development and professional networking. We host meetings, seminars, and workshops, and we visit local businesses, along with providing a comfortable and safe support network for each other. Dr. Erin McLaughlin

Financial Management Association

The Financial Management Association International (FMA) is a global leader in developing and disseminating knowledge about financial decision making. FMA's mission is to broaden the common interests between academicians and practitioners, provide opportunities for professional interaction between and among academicians, practitioners and students, promote the development and understanding of basic and applied research and of sound financial practices, and to enhance the quality of education in finance. The UAH chapter focuses on financial education and professional networking. xuejing.xing@uah.edu

Invitation Only:

  • Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Capital Management Group
  • Beta Alpha Psi