Julia Jones

Julia Jones has completed her degree at the University of Alabama in Huntsville as of  the Spring 2020 semester by earning her BSBA in management with a concentration in human resources and minor in communications. When she envisioned wrapping up her bachelor’s degree, she never expected it to be like this.

Julia’s initial reaction to the news that COVID-19 would require the UAH campus to transition to online-only instruction was sadness. But she has managed to stay positive in  light of all the ways the virus has derailed her plans. “I’m definitely missing interacting with my friends and professors in person. My family is in Nashville, but I decided to stay in Huntsville since the risk of contracting the virus is lower here. I miss them very much, but my roommates here are some of my best friends, and I’m loving the extra time with them!”

Julia’s favorite college memory is the friendships she’s made at UAH; she recalled a time where she was able to make a friend’s bad day a little brighter. “I loved that in the middle of a very stressful semester, I could walk into an economics class with a milkshake to make my friend smile.” Julia’s favorite class was Competitive Strategy with Dr. Lee, and Dr. Mullins was another one of her favorite professors. 

Julia has big plans for her future, including using the JUMP program to complete her master’s degree by next spring while working part-time. After that, Julia plans to begin her work as a career coach for high school students, guiding students to the resources they’ll need to achieve their dreams. 

Julia’s advice for her fellow College of Business students is to be appreciative of the faculty. “Our staff and professors really care about us!” She also advises  working hard and reaching out when you need to. “The College of Business has a lot to offer. Take advantage of it!” 

Julia says if there was one senior semester dream she could have come true, it would be  a photo with her longtime college friends at their graduation ceremony. “There’s about fifteen of us who have all been friends since freshman year. We lived on the same dorm floor, took classes together, and we were all going to have the same graduation ceremony as well. If there was one thing I could have back, it would be that photo of all of us together. My memories with them really mean the world to me.”