korinne hemm
Senior Supply Chain Management major, Korinne Hemm, recently accepted a full-time position with LogiSys.

Senior Supply Chain Management major, Korinne Hemm, utilizes her College of Business education to succeed in her internship, and has recently accepted a full-time position with LogiSys Technical Services (LogiSys).

At LogiSys, Hemm has been able to gain hands-on, real-world experience while working on a wide range of projects. 

“I am given different logistics situations and my boss guides me as I work through each one. I put a lot of effort into getting as much exposure as possible in my company,” says Hemm. 

Initially hired as an admin intern, Hemm was able observe day-to-day business practices, but, as her experience grew, she began to take on more responsibility within supply chain management. It is now Hemm’s responsibility to keep return material authorization flow steady, track inventory, and provide inventory status reports.

Hemm said her UAH education is essential to her success at LogiSys. Classes such as IS 522 (Supply Management Systems) and MSC 510 (Transportation and Logistics) helped lay the foundation she needed to apply for her role at LogiSys.

Hemm’s advice to younger students is to actively search and apply for internships, even if the job description doesn't exactly fit what they’re searching for.

 “I wasn’t looking for a logistics internship, but I was able to find one early in my college career with a company that I love to work with,” said Hemm. 

Hemm is looking forward to launching her career at LogiSys shortly after graduating in December.