We are pleased to announce the search committee for the dean of the College of Business Administration has been formed. We have full confidence that these professionals will serve in the best interest of the students, faculty and staff of the College. We anticipate the next dean of the College will be in place by Fall 2016. Please join me in thanking the following committee members in advance for their time and diligent work:

Dr. Sundar Christopher, Dean, College of Science, Chair, Search Committee
Ms. Rachel Bray, Graduate Student, College of Business Administration
Dr. John Burnett, Associate Professor, Finance
Dr. Eric Fong, Associate Professor, Management
Dr. Ena Rose-Green, Associate Professor, Accounting
Dr. Robert Lindquist, Associate V.P. for Research
Dr. Ivey MacKenzie, Assistant Professor, Management
Ms. LaRaine Gatrey, Undergraduate Student, College of Business Administration
Dr. Wafa Orman, Associate Professor, Economics
Ms. Jennifer Pettitt, Director of Advising, College of Business Administration
Dr. Fan Tseng, Professor and Department Chair, IS, MGT, MKT
Dr. Al Wilhite, Professor and Department Chair, ACC, ECN, FIN


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