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Business Blitz

A Real-World Business Management Competition for High School Students

December 6, 2024 - Registration will open July of 2024.
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

This exciting competition will provide students with first-hand experience working with real-world business management systems. Students will use data to make decisions, manage a business, and compete to see who can run the most profitable business!

  • FREE to register and compete
  • FREE t-shirts
  • FREE lunch
  • $200 bus stipend per school
  • No preparation required
  • Prizes for winning teams
  • Resume builder for students

The Business Blitz competition is an experiential learning program aimed to provide students with first-hand experience working with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Students will experience the value of having real-time data to react to a marketplace, make decisions, and manage a business.

ERP systems are widely used in the Fortune 500 business world, and there is a demand for graduates to be familiar with such software systems in areas such as supply chain, accounting, information systems, and marketing.

Teams will focus on the marketing, pricing, purchasing, and distribution of a product. Each student is given a role to play in the simulation where they learn analytical and creative thinking skills. Teams have to use standard business reports to make business decisions, ultimately working towards running the most valuable company.  

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