Dr. Xuejing Xing

Department Chair Accounting, Economics, and Finance Professor, Finance Department


Dr. Xuejing Xing's Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Finance, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2003

Classes Taught

Selected Publications

  • Xuejing Xing and Shan Yan, 2018. Accounting information quality and systematic risk. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, forthcoming.
  • Xuejing Xing and Shan Yan, 2018. Labor unions and information asymmetry among investors. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, forthcoming.
  • Xuejing Xing, John S. Howe, Randy I. Anderson, and Shan Yan, 2017. Labor rights, venture capital, and firm performance. Financial Management 46, 129-154.
  • Xuejing Xing, Randy I. Anderson, and Yan Hu, 2016. What’s a name worth? The impact of a likable stock ticker symbol on firm value. Journal of Financial Markets 31, 63-80.
  • Clint Chadwick, James Guthrie, and Xuejing Xing, 2016. The HR executive effect on firm performance and survival. Strategic Management Journal 37, 2346-2361.
  • Eric Fong, Xuejing Xing, Wafa Orman, and Ivey MacKenzie, 2014. Consequences of deviating from predicted CEO labor market compensation on long-term firm value. Journal of Business Research 68, 299–305.
  • Xuejing Xing and Randy Anderson, 2011. Stock price synchronicity and public firm-specific information. Journal of Financial Markets 14, 259–276.
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  • Randy I. Anderson, Glenn Mueller, and Xuejing Xing, 2010. International real estate portfolio construction: Conditional and unconditional methods. Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management 16, 1–8.
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