Dr. William MacKenzie

Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Sponsored Projects, College of Business Associate Professor, Management


Dr. William MacKenzie’s Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management, University of South Carolina, 2010
  • M.B.A., East Carolina University, 2005
  • B.S.B.A., East Carolina University, 1998

Classes Taught


  • Lee, Y., MacKenzie, W. I., Fong, E. A. & Sherman, J. D. (forthcoming) The Importance of Inter-temporal Integration in New Product Development. International Journal of Innovation Management.
  • Fong, E. A., Xing, X., Orman, W. H., & MacKenzie, W. I. (2015) Consequences of deviating from predicted CEO labor market compensation on long-term firm value. Journal of Business Research, 68(2), 299-305.
  • Campion, M. C., Ployhart, R. E., & MacKenzie, W. I. (2014). The State of Research on Situational Judgment Tests: A Content Analysis and Directions for Future Research. Human Performance, 27(4), 283-310.
  • MacKenzie, W. I., Klaas, B. S., & McClendon, J. (2012).  Information Use in Counter-offers:  Identifying factors that influence manager counter-offer decisions. Journal of Labor Research, 33, 370-387.
  • Ployhart, R. E., Van Iddekinge, C., and MacKenzie, W. I. (2011). Acquiring and Developing Human Capital in Service Contexts:  The Interconnectedness of Human Capital Resources.  Academy of Management Journal, 54(2), 353-368.
  • MacKenzie, W. I., Ployhart, R. E., Weekley, J., and Ehlers, C. (2010). Contextual Effects on SJT Responses: An Examination of Construct Validity and Mean Differences across Applicant and Incumbent Contexts. Human Performance, 23(1), 1-21.
  • Harris, M., Grubb, W.L., and MacKenzie, W.I. (2006). Business students’ perceptions of employment in small and medium-sized enterprises versus multinational corporations:  Investigating the moderating effects of academic major, gender, and personality. Journal of Small Business Strategy, 17(2) 27-35.