Robert Scherer, Ph.D.

Interim Dean, College of Business Administration


Dr. Sherer’s Complete CV


  • Ph.D., Management, University of Mississippi, 1987
  • M.A., Management, University of Redlands, 1984
  • B.A., Communication, Miami University, 1977


  • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Human Resource Certification Institute, 1992 (certification active and current)
  • Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Human Resource Certification Institute, 1991

Selected Publications

  • "Performance of professional firms from emerging markets: Role of innovative services and firm capabilities,” Journal of World Business, in press November 2015, (with D. Bello, L. Radulovich, R. G. Javalgi, & J. Taylor).
  • “Deans’ forum on the globalization of business education and development: Reflections and directions for the future,” Journal of Teaching in International Business, 24, #3-4 (2013) 151-154, (served as co-editor with R. Aggarwal for this special double issue).
  • “Ranking business and economics journals in South America using the Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO), Journal of Education for Business, 87, #3 (2012) 152-158 (with J.K. Alexander, L. Pradenas, & V. Parada).
  • “The assurance of learning tool as predictor and criterion in business school admissions decisions: New use for an old standard,” Journal of Education for Business, 86, #3 (2011) 163-170, (with B. Pesta).
  • “A comparative analysis of the attitudes towards women managers in China, Chile, and the United States,” International Journal of Emerging Markets, 6, #3 (2011), 233-253,  (with R.G. Javalgi, C. Sánchez, L. Pradenas, V.Parada, W. Yan, & C. Hwang).
  • “Outsourcing to emerging markets: Managerial and public policy implications,” Journal of International Management, 15 (2009), 156-168 (with A. Dixit & R.G. Javalgi).
  • “Factores determinantes de la orientación emprendedora y sus efectos en el rendimiento de las escuelas de negocios,” Comunicación y Pluralismo, 2 (2006), 165-183 (with S. Kuznik, R. Javalgi, & A. Losada).
  • “Sustainable competitive advantage of internet firms: A strategic framework and implications for global marketers,” International Marketing Review, 22, #6 (2005), 658-672 (with R.G. Javalgi, L.P. Radulovich, & G. Pendleton).
  • “Challenges of AACSB International accreditation for business schools in the United States and Europe,” Thunderbird International Business Review, 47, #6 (2005) 651-669 (with R.G. Javalgi, M. Bryant, & O. Tukel).
  • “An application of the consumer ethnocentrism model to French consumers,” International Business Review, 14, #3 (2005), 325-344 (with R.G. Javalgi,V. Pioche Khare, & A.C. Gross).
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  •  “Role model performance effects on development of entrepreneurial career preference,” Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, 13, (Spring 1989), 53-71. (with J.S. Adams, S.S. Carley, & F.A. Wiebe).