Dr. DJ Hovermale

Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Business


301 Sparkman Drive
Business Administration Building
Room 371
Huntsville, AL 35899
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., in Computational Linguistics, The Ohio State University, 2011
  • B.A., in Linguistics, University of Kentucky, 2004

Honors & Awards

  • Inducted into the Military Cyber Professional Association's Order of Thor 2018
  • Special Achievement Award for exceptional performance, SAIC Studies and Analysis Division 2018
  • SAIC Dream Team Award presented for exceptional performance during Cyber Shield 17 JELC 2017
  • Challenge coin presented by USCYBERCOM J7 for exceptional performance at Cyber Flag/Guard 17 2017
  • SAIC GEM award for outstanding customer support at cyber exercises 2017
  • Challenge coin presented by National Guard Bureau G36 for exceptional perf. at Cyber Shield 17 2017
  • Challenge coin presented by Asymmetric Operations Sector, JHU/APL 2016
  • Challenge coin presented by USCYBERCOM J7 for exceptional performance at Cyber Flag/Guard 16 2016
  • STEMmy Award (for exceptional STEM volunteer effort) presented by JHU/APL STEM office 2015
  • STEMmy award for outstanding STEM outreach, Johns Hopkins APL STEM office 2015


  • Graduate of the Joint Advanced Cyber Warfare Course (JACWC), United States Cyber Command
  • Fluent in Russian; experience with Spanish and French; knowledge of many other languages, including: Arabic, Chimwiini (Bravanese), Estonian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Swahili, etc.
  • HP certified repair technician (hardware and software) laptops/desktops; experience with mobile devices
  • Programming experience in Python, Java, C, Prolog, R
  • Experience with Windows and Linux operating systems, Microsoft Office suite, HTML, LaTeX, VMWare, Wireshark, Sysinternals product suite, GIMP, Moses/Joshua, Natural Language Toolkit, SRILM toolkit, etc.
  • Reverse engineering
  • Experience with cyber exercise situational awareness and analysis tools (Pointillist, Dagger, Galaxy, etc.)
  • Experience with cyber exercise assessment tools (MATT, RT, etc.)
  • Experience with virtual network engineering and development (OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, etc.)

Recent Publications

  • Hovermale, DJ, “ERRON: A Phrase-based Machine Translation Approach to Custom Spelling Correction”, dissertation, The Ohio State University Department of Linguistics, December 2011.

  • Hovermale, DJ, “An Analysis of the Spelling Errors of L2 English Learners”, CALICO (Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium) 2010, Amherst, MA, USA, June 10-12, 2010.

  • Hovermale, DJ, “Using social media to enhance the classroom experience”, Digital Media in a Social World 2010 Conference (DMSW), February 19-20, 2010 in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

  • Hovermale, DJ and Mehay, Dennis N., “Real-word Spelling Correction for CALL”, MCLC-6 (6th Annual Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium). Bloomington, Indiana, USA, May 2-3, 2009.

  • Hovermale, DJ and Corl, Kathryn A., “Automatic Annotation of Texts for MerkMal! Exercises”, Digital Media in a Social World 2009 Conference, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

  • Hovermale, DJ. “The Chimwiini Diminutive Prefix”, The 40th Annual Conference on African Languages, Champaign-Urbana, IL. April 09-11, 2009.

  • Hovermale, DJ and Scott Martin. “Developing an Annotation Scheme for ELL Spelling Errors”, Proceedings of MCLC-5 (Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium) East Lansing, Michigan, USA, May 10-11, 2008.

  • Pestian, J.P., Brew, C., Matykiewicz, P., Hovermale, DJ, Johnson, N., Cohen, K.B., Duch, W. A shared task involving multi-label classification of clinical free text. In: BioNLP ’07: Proceedings of the Workshop on BioNLP 2007, Morristown, NJ, USA, Association for Computational Linguistics, 97–104.

  • Hovermale, DJ, “SCALE: Spelling Correction Adapted for Learners of English”, CALICO 2008 ICALL SIG (Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium Intelligent Computer-Assisted Language Learning Special Interest Group) pre-conference workshop, San Francisco, California, USA, March 18-19, 2008.

  • Hovermale, DJ, “Vowel Deletion and the Interaction of Sibilants in Chimwiini”, 13th Midcontinental Workshop on Phonology, Columbus, Ohio, USA October 2007.