Dr. Brent Wren

Associate Provost Professor, Marketing Department NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative


Dr. Brent Wren joined the University of Alabama in Huntsville in June 1994. In addition to working his way through the faculty ranks, Dr. Wren has served as Department Chair, Director of Graduate Programs, Director of the Student Success Center, Director of the Collaborative Learning Center, Interim Dean of the College of Business. He currently serves as Associate Provost, Professor of Marketing, SACSCOC Liaison, and the University’s NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative.

Dr. Wren is a deeply committed to student success, retention and persistence initiatives, advising, and teaching excellence. He provides leadership and management to a diverse set of units focused on faculty and student support. Units for which Dr. Wren is directly responsible include the University Registrar, the Student Success Center, Testing Services, Pre-Professional Advising, the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, Enhanced Teaching and Learning, Online Learning, Academic Technologies, and the Collaborative Learning Center.

In addition, Dr. Wren is responsible for ensuring compliance with institutional effectiveness measures and accreditation through the University’s regional accrediting body, SACSCOC, and works with colleges and departments on professional accreditations. He also coordinates program reviews, new program approvals, and new faculty orientation, and serves as the University’s Commencement Marshall.

Dr. Brent Wren’s Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Business Administration, University of Memphis, 1994
  • M.B.A., University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1990
  • B.S., Marketing, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1989

Classes Taught


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