$20,000 in Scholarships Awarded!*Boeing new business challenge winners

Big dreams. Big rewards.

Do you have a great business idea?
Use that idea to earn a scholarship!

The Boeing New Business Challenge is accepting applications to pitch new business ideas to Boeing representatives. Through the generous support of The Boeing Company, the College of Business will award up to $15,000 in scholarships for all business ideas, with an additional $5,000 available for space commerce specific business ideas. The Boeing New Business Challenge is open to ALL business savvy undergraduate OR graduate students of ANY major.

All ideas are welcome, and this year we are shining the spotlight on space ventures.**
Important Dates:
Qualifying Round | November 8, 2019 | 1 p.m. | BAB Atrium
Introduction of your business concept to Boeing reps. You MUST qualify to move into the final round.

Boeing Challenge FINALS | March 20, 2020 | 1 p.m. | Location TBD
Business Plan Presentation (Qualifying teams only).

Steps to victory...

Qualifying Round (November 8, 2019)

All presentations must be made in digital form, however, you chose the platform that is right for you. Whether it’s PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote, this will help bring your idea to life. If you don’t have a laptop, one can be provided for you.
To prepare:

  • Determine whether you will work alone or with a team. Scholarship winnings will be split evenly between team members. All teams must have at least one student currently enrolled at UAH. Scholarship winnings may be applied to both undergraduate and graduate coursework at UAH.
  • Establish your business concept. What new frontier are you ready to explore? We are looking for innovative concepts whether its new technology or your own personal spin on a current concept.
    **This year we are shining the spotlight on space ventures. The College of Business’ goal is to become a recognized leader among business schools in the field of space commerce. As we prepare to implement programs in the classroom, we want to know what grabs your attention. Space is big business. What’s your vision to tap into this emerging frontier?
  • Register your team so we can communicate with you.
  • Submit a one paragraph description of your idea by the end of the day on November 1, 2019. Email to Drew Hartt at drew.hartt@uah.edu.
  • Finally, be ready to give your concept presentation on Friday, November 8, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. in the Business Administration Building atrium. More detailed information regarding Qualifying Round.

Finals are by invitation only, so you must put your best foot forward to advance to the next round. A written business plan will be required in FINALS.


Boeing Challenge FINALS (March 20, 2020)

Shark Tank meets the COB. This final pitch will determine which students walk away with scholarship dollars.

  • Tweak your presentation and/or business plan based on feedback from faculty and Boeing representatives.
  • Submit your final business plan to Drew Hartt no later than close of business on Friday, March 13, 2020, at drew.hartt@uah.edu
  • Come prepared with an audio-visuals presentation and/or props and do your best.

If you have questions, please contact Drew Hartt at 256.824.4725 or by email at drew.hartt@uah.edu.


*Scholarship may be divided among participating teams

**All ideas are welcome; however, this year we have created a space commerce category with hopes of sparking creativity and innovation. We reserve the right to present a portion of the scholarship fund to students who take on this challenge.

Fall Semester Presentation in Detail

Qualifying Round: Concept Feasibility Criteria

November 8th | 1:00 p.m. | Business Administration Building Atrium

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paper petalsUndergraduate and graduate students of any major are invited to prepare a digital presentation (i.e. PowerPoint, Prezi) executive summary of a business concept that provides the basic reasoning about their new business opportunity. It is important to realize that you will receive helpful feedback from judges during the Qualifying Round that may impact the content of your Final Round presentation.
Using your presentation as a visual aid, you will pitch your business idea in front of a group of judges. The pitch should not exceed ten minutes, followed by five minutes of questions and answers. Your opening visual must have The Boeing Company logo and the UAH College of Business logo visible. These are available online. A table and outlet will be provided to you, but we encourage you to come with your electronic device fully charged. If you don’t have a laptop one can be provided to you. Be creative in your design and we suggest the use of bullets instead of paragraphs.
Attire is business casual.
Questions that your presentation should answer:

  • Is there a market opportunity?
  • What key activities does your value proposition require?
  • What value do you deliver to the customer?
  • How do you get, keep and grow customers?
  • Through which channels do you reach your customers?
  • Are there reasonable profit prospects?
  • What are the most important costs inherent to your business model?
  • Is it technologically feasible (e.g., not purely imaginative)?
  • Is it economically feasible? (e.g., no prohibitive start-up costs)?
  • What are your key resources?

Click here for business model canvas.

If you have questions, please contact Drew Hartt at drew.hartt@uah.edu.

The presentation will be scored as follows:
Business Concept (50%)

  • Creativity/uniqueness of the product/service concept
  • Probability of technical success
  • Probability of market success
  • Probability of financial success

Business Plan (50%)

  • Thorough coverage of all important topics
  • High level of analysis and insight throughout
  • Well-structured, professionally delivered presentation

Consider the following when preparing your presentation:
I. Opportunity

  • Customer
  • Value Proposition
  • Market
  • Product or Service
  • Competition
  • Human capital (the essential people needed, how you will bring them onboard, how you will reward them for their efforts)
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Financial requirements (start-up costs, working capital, cash flow issues, profit projections)
  • Creativity/uniqueness of the product/service concept
  • Probability of technical success
  • Probability of market success
  • Probability of financial success
  • Thorough coverage of all important topics

II. Strategy and Advantage

  • Mission/Vision: What will your company do, how, for whom, and why will they buy? What do you want your company to be in five years?
  • Competitive Advantage: Is it possible to attain and hold a strong position in the marketplace? To block imitators? (Intellectual property, etc.)
  • Entry Strategy
  • Risks
  • Growth and Profit Potential
  • Product Development
  • Marketing (market research, sales, marketing, channel management)
  • Operations (method by which product or service will be created/delivered to customer, make or contract, supplier arrangements, quality standards, etc.)

III. Plan Execution
Execution is the most detailed section of the new business plan and translates a business concept into actions needed to be successful.

  • To accomplish market entry, what is needed? Explain what needs to be done, by whom, at what cost, over the first month, first year, and second year.
  • Illustrate the tasks, staffing needs, and financial commitments in a timeline.
  • High level of analysis and insight throughout
  • Professionally deliver presentation
  • Submit well-structured and written documents

Boeing Challenge FINALS: Competition Invitation Only

March 20, 2020 | 1 p.m. | Location TBD

The due date for the written business plan for the Final Round will be one week before the oral presentation – Friday, March 13, 2020. The written plan should be single-spaced, paginated, and dated, with the team's name appearing on the first page. A title page is not required. Email the plan to Drew Hartt at drew.hartt@uah.edu.

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The oral presentation for the Boeing Challenge Finals is a pitch that should not exceed ten minutes, followed by a five minute question and answer session. The location of presentations has yet to be determined. Presentations will be made before a panel of representatives from The Boeing Company and the winner will be announced that day. A team representative must be present for the awards presentation. Business attire requested unless your outfit coincides with your team presentation (ex. A bakery team dresses as bakers).

The presentations are open to the public.

If you have questions, please contact Drew Hartt at  256.824.4725 or by email at drew.hartt@uah.edu.