Boeing new business challenge winners

Big dreams. Big rewards. Up to $15,000 in scholarship prizes!

Do you have a great business idea?
Use that idea to earn a scholarship!

The Boeing New Business Challenge is accepting applications to pitch new business ideas for the opportunity to win scholarships! 

The Boeing New Business Challenge is open to ALL undergraduate OR graduate students of ANY major.

Student teams that qualify for the final round will have the opportunity to work alongside a entrepreneurial mentor as they prepare for the final round.

Register now by clicking HERE.

Important Dates:

  • Info Session | November 11, 2021 | Location: BAB 114
  • Qualifying Round | November 17, 2021 | Location: UAH Business Administration Building
  • Boeing Challenge Finals (qualifying teams only) | Date: February 24 and 25, 2022 | Location: UAH Business Administration Buildling

Competition Categories:

  • General- All business ideas are welcome to join this competition category.
  • Space Commerce*- Business ideas relating to the space commerce industry are eligible to register for this category.

*Students competing in the Space Commerce category will be automatically placed in the General category as well.

Prize Details:

  • $15,000 in scholarships are available.
  • Judges will determine in what amounts the prizes are awarded to teams.
  • Each winning team will split their scholarship prize amount evenly between team members, unless otherwise requested and agreed upon.
  • Scholarship winnings may be applied to both undergraduate and graduate coursework at UAH.

Qualifying Round Details

The purpose of this round is to provide the judges with an executive summary of each business concept and provide the basic reasoning about each new business opportunity. The judges will then decide which teams will advance to the final round.

Preparing for the Qualifying Round:

  1. Establish your team. Teams of one are welcome!
  2. Establish your business concept. 
  3. Register your team so we can communicate with you.
  4. Develop your PowerPoint/GoogleSlides presentation and practice your pitch.
  5. Submit your presentation slides by midnight on Friday, November 12, 2021.
  6. Note- Finals are by invitation only, so you must put your best foot forward to advance to the next round. A written business plan will be required in FINAL round only.

Qualifying Round Details:

  • Student teams will be invited to present business pitches on November 17, 2021 (exact times TBA).
  • After registering, teams will receive the score sheet judges will use to evaluate each team.
  • Use Google Slides or Powerpoint to create your presentation.
  • Recorded presentation time limits: Minimum- 5 minutes, Maximum-10 minutes
  • Presentation attire is business professional.
  • Questions that your presentation should answer:

    • Is there a market opportunity?
    • What key activities does your value proposition require?
    • What value do you deliver to the customer?
    • How do you get, keep, and grow customers?
    • Through which channels do you reach your customers?
    • Are there reasonable profit prospects?
    • What are the most important costs inherent to your business model?
    • Is it technologically feasible? (e.g., not purely imaginative)
    • Is it economically feasible? (e.g., no prohibitive start-up costs)
    • What are your key resources? 

If you have questions, please contact Drew Hartt at dwh0012@uah.edu.

Final Round Details (Qualifying Teams Only)

This final pitch will determine which students walk away with scholarship dollars. It is important to realize that you will receive helpful feedback from judges during the Qualifying Round that may impact the content of your Final Round presentation.

Student teams who qualify for the final round of the challenge will:

  • Receive their score sheets from the qualifying round to review the judge's feedback.
  • Be paired with an entrepreneurial mentor to help them prepare for the final round.
  • Need to develop a written business plan to submit with their final presentation.
  • Make adjustments to their PowerPoint/GoogleSlides presentation for the final round.
Verbal Presentation Details:

The format for the verbal presentation is similar to the qualifying round. Students will pitch their final business idea to judges. 

Business professional attire requested unless your outfit coincides with your team presentation (ex. A bakery team dresses as bakers).

Written Business Plan Details:

The written business plan must be submitted by midnight on February 18, 2022 by emailing it to dwh0012@uah.edu. The written business plan must:

  • Be a PDF document
  • Be single-spaced
  • Be dated
  • Contain the team's name on the first page
  • Contain the team member's name(s) on the first page

If you have questions, please contact Drew Hartt at 256.824.4725 or by email at drew.yarbrough@uah.edu.


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