vision mission1Mission

The College of Business serves business and society through the expertise of our alumni, students, and faculty. The College provides academically rigorous programs emphasizing the application of theory and skills in scientific, technological, and traditional business environments. The faculty develop and disseminate knowledge of business theories and practices.

In that effort, we:

  • Actively engage students in the educational process. We emphasize critical thinking skills and pragmatic problem-solving skills.
  • Provide a caring learning environment. We endeavor to strengthen students' commitment to the College.
  • Believe teaching is enhanced by conducting research in our disciplines and by interacting with business and government. These organizations provide a rich source of applications to assist our teaching of theory and introduce us to interesting research ideas.
  • Provide a comfortable and supportive working environment by cooperating with our colleagues and treating them with respect.
  • Are dedicated to providing our students with a business education of highest quality and are sensitive to the various scheduling needs of our students.
  • Recognize and sustain our partnerships with the community.

Vision 2020

The College of Business will be recognized nationally for its high quality programs focused on scientific, technological, and traditional business environments. The College will be instrumental in the economic and technological development of the region.