vision mission1Mission

Our mission is to fuel innovation in business, spark new ideas through research and launch the careers of our students.
  • We tap the creativity, expertise, and energy of our students, faculty, and community to fuel innovation in business practices and business education.
  • Our faculty and students spark ideas, foster discovery, create and communicate knowledge, and develop frameworks for solutions to challenges facing business and society today and in the future.
  • Our academic programs emphasize leadership, innovation, analytical reasoning, ethical decision-making, and critical thinking to launch the careers of our diverse population of students.
 Business is our Mission: Fueling innovation. Sparking ideas. Launching careers.
Fuel. Spark. Launch.

Vision: Establishing new frontiers in business.

Reaching beyond what has been done before to create, cultivate, and disseminate knowledge, explore new markets, and improve the human condition as we establish new frontiers in business.
Located in the “Rocket City”, the College of Business partners with the community – from start-ups to mature companies, local businesses to multi-national corporations, and non-profits to government agencies – to provide and enhance intellectual and human capital that are critical in an economy driven by rapidly advancing technology.

We believe that success and leadership in this modern economy requires a quality business education that develops the ability to discern, analyze, and secure valuable information, a commitment to learning in and adapting to new environments, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
Just as the university and community exercise these traits to lead the nation in space exploration, we embrace them as we establish new frontiers in business.


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