For your convenience, bid tabulations are posted to our website after an award is made. If you have questions after reviewing a bid tabulation, contact the appropriate Procurement Officer to discuss the award.

Bid Evaluations

Any bid tabulation that is not posted, is still under evaluation and will be posted after an award is made.

Multiple Year Awards

Commodity DescriptionBid / Proposal NumberExpiration DateProcurement Officer
Hiring Management Software P0037   S. Penn
Food Services P0049   J. Curtis
Temporary Staffing Services P00107 10-01-21 J. Curtis
Gas and Diesel Fuel B002013   E. Patterson
Carpet and Tile Installation B002024   J. Curtis
Laundry Service P0059 07-08-20 J. Curtis
Copy Center P0069 07-31-17 T. Haley
Elevator Maintenance B002129.RV01 04-31-19 K. Haas
Athletic Apparel & Shoes B002140 05-14-21 E. Patterson
HVAC Supplies Tabulation B002150.RV01 09-30-16 K. Haas
Trash Collection B002167 09-30-17 E. Patterson
Pest Control B002169 07-31-17 E. Patterson
Student Health Insurance P0085 08-11-23 P. Hurley
Background Checks and Related Services P0093 09-16-23 T. Haley
Learning Management System P0095.RV01 04-29-24 J. Benefield
Management of the Bevill Center P00101 08-30-19 T. Haley
Electronic Health Record System P00102 09-30-24 P. Hurley
Electronic Waste Recycling P00106 11-30-20 J. Benefield
AudioVisual and Lighting Equipment and Supplies/td> B002242 09-30-19 J. Benefield
Universal Waste (Battery and Fluorescent Lights) Collection And Disposal Services B002253 11-30-18 P. Hurley
Lease Vehicles B002303 01-30-18 E. Patterson
Sterilization Equipment Maintenance B002360 09-30-20 P. Hurley
Copying Services B002362 09-30-18 P. Hurley
Sterilization Equipment Services B002366 09-30-20 P. Hurley
Paper Products B002381 10-30-20 P. Hurley
Hockey Apparel B002444 08-30-19 E. Patterson
Printing a variety of postcards, mailers, and mailing B002447 09-30-19 P. Hurley
AMSTI Living Material Letters B002449 09-30-21 P. Hurley

Lab Services

B002450 09-30-21 P. Hurley
Renewable Data Infrastructure Support B002454 12-01-21 J. Benefield
Microsoft EES Agreement B002461 09-30-19 J. Benefield
Electrical, Lighting, and Lighting Control Parts B002466 09-30-20 J. Curtis
Plastic Containers with attached lids B002467 08-31-19 P. Hurley
T-Shirts B002476 02-08-18 E. Patterson
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Software B002483 02-28-21  J. Benefield
Printing Travel Brochures B002500 05-31-20 P. Hurley
Liquid Helium B002511 09-30-21 P. Hurley
Printing Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Editions B002527 09-30-22 P. Hurley

Single Awards

Commodity DescriptionBid / Proposal NumberProcurement Officer
UMARK Lifting Lug assemblies B002382 P. Hurley
UMARK Lifting Lug assemblies B002382.RV01 P. Hurley
UMARK Slings and Chafe Protectors B002383 P. Hurley
Banking Services P0099 T. Haley
PCB Design Layout and Solder Assemble B002387 P. Hurley
Transformer Insulating Oil B002389 P. Hurley
Picosecond Laser B002390 P. Hurley
Printing of Professional and Continuing Studies Term Catalog B002391 P. Hurley
BlueCat Virtual Server Maintenance B002392 J. Benefield
Renewable Data Infrastructure Support B002393 J. Benefield
Water Deionization System B002394 P. Hurley
Electronic Instrumentations B002395 P. Hurley
ComforTek Chairs B002397 J. Curtis
Grinding and Polishing Machine B002398 P. Hurley
Fabrication piping designs B002399 P. Hurley
Test article Plate B002400 P. Hurley
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Software B002402 J. Benefield
Exhaust Assembly B002405 P. Hurley
Hydraulic Module Fabrication and Assembly B002406 P. Hurley
Printing Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Editions B002407 P. Hurley
Oscilloscope and Accessories B002408 P. Hurley
AMSTI Living Material Letters B002409. RV01 P. Hurley
Scientific Misc Parts B002411 P. Hurley
Roundshot LiveCam B002413 P. Hurley
Atmospheric Sounding System B002414 P. Hurley
Oscilloscopes B002415.RV01 P. Hurley
Ceilometer B002416 P. Hurley
Radiosondes and Boundary Layer Sounding System B002417 P. Hurley
PA0 Sodar B002418.RV02 P. Hurley
Ceilometer B002419 P. Hurley
Infrasound Collection Element (ICE) Assembly B002420.RV01 P. Hurley
Radiosonde B002421.RV01 P. Hurley
Exterior Waterproofing & Sealing for MSB, Auditorium and Optics Building B002424 J. Curtis
Radiosondes and Boundary Layer Sounding System B002425 P. Hurley
Micro Rain Radar B002426 P. Hurley
Microwave Radiometer B002427 P. Hurley
Signal Generators and Pulse Modulator B002428 P. Hurley
ZVH Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer B002429 P. Hurley
GPS Receiver B002430 P. Hurley
Asbestos Abatement B002431 P. Hurley
Stainless Steel Sheet Plates B002432 P. Hurley
Graphical Weather System B002433 P. Hurley
Supermicro  TwinBlade Server B002434 J. Benefield
Supermicro Server B002435 J. Benefield
Analyzer B002436 P. Hurley
Painting and concrete B002438 P. Hurley
Printing a variety of postcards, mailers, brochures, and mailing B002441 P. Hurley
Air Compressor, Air Filter, and Air Dryer B002442 P. Hurley
SuperMicro 2U SuperServer B002446 J. Benefield
Refurbished stream sterilizer Model SG-120 B002452 P. Hurley
Doppler Sodar B002453 P. Hurley
Dielectric Analyzer B002455 P. Hurley
Refurbished Electron Microscope B002457 P. Hurley
Vehicle, 2017 Ford Transit XL 12-Passenger Wagon B002458 P. Hurley
Printing and Mailing Services for Magazines B002459 P. Hurley
Armor Radar Upgrade B002462 P. Hurley
Ultralow Noise Laser B002463 P. Hurley
Ultralow Noise Laser B002468 P. Hurley
RNA Sequencing B002469 P. Hurley
Doppler Sodar B002470 P. Hurley
Exhaust Assembly B002471 P. Hurley
RNA Sequencing B002472 P. Hurley
Athletic Turf - Softball Field B002473 J. Curtis
Multi Pixel Photon Counters B002474 P. Hurley
T-Shirts B002476 E. Patterson
Hospital Beds with Nurse Call B002477 P. Hurley
Printing Services for Brochures B002478 P. Hurley
GPU Server B002481 J. Benefield
Upgrade PRC Test Cell DAQ System B002482 P. Hurley
Mold Removal B002484 P. Hurley
Hydraulic Filters B002485 P. Hurley
Parts for HP and LP Tanks Piping B002488 P. Hurley
HP and LP Tanks Piping Layout B002489 P. Hurley
Diploma Covers B002491 P. Hurley
Bone Densitometer System B002493 P. Hurley
Camera HPV-2 Shimatzu B002494 P. Hurley
Microscopes B002495 P. Hurley
Body Cameras B002497 P. Hurley
Sleeper Bus B002503 E. Patterson
Giga Parts B002504 S. Williams
Charter Buses B002505 E. Patterson
Microscopes B002506 P. Hurley
Hockey Equipment B002507 E. Patterson
Tensile and Compression Tester B002509 P. Hurley
Industrial Containerized Gases B002510 P. Hurley
PCB Fabrication and Assembly B002512 P. Hurley
Hydraulic Reservoir B002513 P. Hurley
Bicycles B002515 E. Patterson
Hydraulic Reservoir B002517 P. Hurley
Charter Buses B002518 E. Patterson
Digital Imaging System B002519 P. Hurley
UAH R03QET Instrument Container B002520 E. Patterson
Hydraulic Reservoir B002521 P. Hurley
Vehicle, 2018 Cargo Van B002524 E. Patterson
Refurbished Nitrogen Generator B002526 P. Hurley
Printing of the Professional and Continuing Studies Term Catalog B002528 P. Hurley
Refurbished nitrogen Generator B002529 P. Hurley
Charter Buses B002530 E.Patterson
Printing Square Mailer B002531 P. Hurley
BSL Student Lab Human Physiology System B002533 P. Hurley

Battery Tester

B002535 P. Hurley
Isokinetic Dynamometer B002536 P. Hurley
Datalite 8 EMG & 8 Goniometer system B002537 P. Hurley
PCB Fabrication and Assembly B002538 P. Hurley
Hyperspectral Imager B002539 P. Hurley
Thrust Stand Base Assembly B002540 P. Hurley
Isokinetic Dynamometer B002541 P. Hurley
Hydraulic Module Replacement for the AGPU P00100 P. Hurley
Hydraulic Pump Replacement P00103 P. Hurley
Freight Elevator Hydraulic Jack Replacement P00105 J. Curtis
Constituent Relationship Management Tool P00108 J. Benefield
Vice President of Finance and Administration.  P00109 J. Curtis
ePrint Solutions P00110 T. Haley

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