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Electronic Requisitions (Banner Self-Service)

Error Message: Total of Accounting Percents do not equal 100.

Response: This is an expected error message. After validating the first time, you have to enter the percent that is to be charged to the orgn/account code entry, then validate.

Error Message: Accounting amounts do not equal to net amount total.

Response: This is an expected error message. After Validating the first time, you have to enter the dollar amount that is to be charged to the orgn/account code entry, then validate.

Error Message: Sequence 1 Accounting information is incomplete.

Response: Either the account code or index (fund, orgn, prog) is missing. Fill in whichever is blank the account code or the index, then validate.

Error Message: Sequence 1 Account is not a data entry account.

Response: This means that the Account Code used is incorrect. Refer to your Banner Workbook, pages 21-22 for a listing of the most commonly used Account Codes.

Error Message: Closed Acctg Period.

Response: The Requisition was not approved the same month that it was created. Disapprove it and contact Procurement to re-set the Requisition, and it will go back through the approval process.

Q: Can I submit my Requisition on paper?

A: All Requisitions must be submitted electronically in Banner.

Q: What do I do if I discover that I do not have enough funds available?

A: Banner requires budget funds to be available to enter a requisition, there is not an "Insufficient Fund" override. If you do not have enough funds, you will need to contact the appropriate Accounting office (Contracts & Grants or Budgets) to see if a budget change is necessary.

Q: If the system times me out, can I go back and complete the Requisition?

A: In Self-Service you do not receive the Requisition number until you complete the requisition process. Therefore, once you begin a Requisition it must be completed or all data entry will be lost.

Q: When do I change the Transaction Date?

A: The Transaction Date is to be changed when funds are to be encumbered in an upcoming fiscal year, in which case enter this date as October 1, make sure the budgets have been established before you change the date.

Q: What is a FOAPAL?

A: FOAPAL is an Account Number that is made up of your Fund, Organization, Account Code and Program. Each component is explained in the training book on page 2.

Q: Do I have to enter all the components of the FOAPAL?

A: You will be provided an "Index" by Accounting and Finance that will populate the Fund, Organization and Program fields upon validating your document, you will have to enter the Account Code separately.

Q: What is the Account Code?

A: The Account Code is the old sub-code, and a list of commonly used accounts is in the training manual on page 21 and 22.

Q: Can I change the account field if I have more than one FOAPAL?

A: No, you will be assigned an "Index" for each of your accounts that will populate all the components of the FOAPAL except the "Account Code". Do not change the Fund, Organization, or Program Fields.

Q: My Requisition will not validate because my totals do not match, what do I do?

A: Make sure that if you are using percents, you use percent in the Accounting column and do the same if you are using dollars. Your percent should equal 100 and your dollars should total up to the amount of the Requisition as stated in the Net Amount Total of the Calculated Commodity Amounts. Do not use the dollar or percent symbol.

Q: Am I required to enter a vendor ID?

A: A vendor ID is not required to process and complete your Requisition. If you perform a vendor search and that vendor is not listed, just enter the vendor information in the Document Text.

Q: If I have selected the wrong vendor, what do I do?

A: You can enter a note with the correct vendor information in the Document Text.

Q: What if the vendor address in the system does not match the address I have?

A: After you enter the vendor and click Vendor Validate, you can change the number in the Address Sequence field and click Vendor Validate. If there are additional addresses listed for that vendor, the new address for the sequence number your entered will appear. If you do not find a matching address or receive an error message and you know your address is current, just enter a note with the correct address in the Document Text.

Q: I need to process a Change Order to decrease or cancel a PO, do I submit this on paper?

A: No, you are to enter this electronically in the Banner Self-Service module for Procurement. Remember, paper Requisitions and or Change Orders are no longer accepted.

Q: When processing a Change Order, do I use the same requisition number?

A: No, you must obtain a new Requisition number.

Q: How do I let Procurement know that I have an attachment?

A: You are to enter this information in the Document Text, and send the attachment to Purchasing by fax or campus mail and reference the Requisition number on your attachment.

Q: I want to buy a computer or other equipment, do I list each component separately?

A: No, you list all the components in the extended description of the item. You will have just one item with an extended description.

Q: I am using a Sponsored Programs account, where do I identify the agency that the title will vest in?

A: You enter this information in the Document Text (see training manual page 8).

Q: Where do I indicate the name of the person that is to receive the items ordered?

A: You enter the name of the individual in the Attention To field.

Q: Where do I indicate the location for the items to be delivered?

A: In the Comments field, you enter the department name and building abbreviation where the items are to be delivered.

Q: What do I do if I do not know the delivery date?

A: As a rule, use 30 days from the date you enter the requisition, (simply change the month).

Q: What is my PO number, it has been a few days since I completed the Requisition and I have not received a copy of the PO?

A: First, check to make sure your Requisition has received all approvals, Procurement cannot process your Requisition until all electronic approvals have been obtained. Second, it is possible that your Requisition was at a dollar amount that required Procurement to obtain quotes or formal bids.

For questions on Requisition entry and approval contact Terence Haley at 6674.


Q: Are there any resources to assist me with purchasing guidelines?

A: Yes, the Business Services " Manual of Policies and Procedures ".  Which is available on our website.

Q: Where do I get a "Memorandum Receiving Report" form?

A: These forms are available on the Central Receiving tab and click on forms.

Q: What are the requirements for a purchase to be a sole source?

A: There are three requirements for a sole source: 1) Goods/ services offered must be unique. 2) Uniqueness must be substantially related to the intended purpose, use, and performance of the goods/ services sought. 3) The entity seeking to be declared "sole source" must show that other similar goods/ services cannot meet the desired objectives of the entity seeking goods/services.

Q: Is there a dollar limit for goods/services being purchased before a bid has to be issued?

A: Yes, the bid limit is $75,000.00.

Q: What has to go out for bid?

A: The Alabama Competitive Bid Law clearly states that any purchase involving an amount of $75,000 or more, must be sent out for formal, sealed bids.

Q: How do you arrive at a bid due date (for formal sealed bids)?

A: The minimum time period required is two full weeks, but the following factors are considered: location of bidders, complexity of the specifications, and time factors (if specified on the Requisition).

Q: If I have an accident while on University business, what do I do?

A: Each University-owned vehicle is equipped with a packet of information on procedures to follow if you are involved in an accident, located in the glove compartment. If you are leasing or renting a vehicle for University business, you can request this packet for that vehicle. If involved in an accident, as quickly as possible, notify Theresa Shelton, in UAH Facilities and Operations, (256) 824-6482.

Q: Is my leased or rented vehicle covered by the University's insurance?

A: Yes, such vehicles are automatically covered by the University's fleet liability policy when being used on University business.

Q: Where can I find information about Contracts for Professional Services?

A: Information concerning Contracts for Professional Services is available under the tab for Contracts, and in the Procurement Section of the Business Services Manual of Policies and Procedures. Contact Nancy Snowden at 6485 for additional information.

Q: Is the procedure for doing contracts paid from a contracts and grants or shared fund (old 5-account) the same as for other accounts?

A: No, these contracts are handled by the Office of Sponsored Programs. Contact the administrator for your department.

For questions about Procurement contact any Procurement Officer.

Walk-thru Requisition

Q: What can I do to get a Purchase Order issued today?

A: In an emergency, departments can process emergency Requisitions by walking them through the purchasing process. Walk-Thru hours are 9:00-10:00 a.m. and 2:00-3:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. Refer to Procurement home page for further information.

Q: I did not receive a call about my Walk-Thru, who do I call?

A: Contact 6484 for assistance, otherwise you will be notified by phone when the Walk-Thru is ready.