Plan Ahead!!

Planning is very important. Know ahead of time what you are trying to accomplish and know how you wish to accomplish it.

Step 1

Planning Your Project

Because of the large volume of work produced, you should schedule your project well in advance so there will be time to meet your deadline.

Before you meet with us to discuss your project, think about these issues:

  1. Your budget
  2. Do you have an approval process
  3. Number of copies you will need (for printed materials)
  4. Final delivery date of the printed material

Step 2

What We Need From You

Complete the order form Printing Order Form 
For ordering letterhead, envelopes, etc. use order form Stationary Printing Order Form
Written text or draft outline for the project
Any files or artwork for the project

How The Copy Center Operates:

The Copy Center recovers cost by allocating them to the user departments through a charge-back system. Charges are based on supplies and material. Departments utilizing the services are sent a copy of the Printing Order detailing the exact cost of the printing job.

Please feel free to contact us when you have special projects and questions about the printing process.

Copier Assistance:

To make a service call, order supplies for your copier or if you have other questions regarding your copier or service, please call 256-824-6383.