UAH employees employed full-time and eligible to receive benefits can participate in the UAH Tuition Assistance Program. Eligible employees can have their tuition paid for up to six classes per academic year (no more than 2 classes per semester).

UAH employees with eligible dependents who attend UAH can apply for tuition assistance for their dependents. One-half of the amount of their tuition is paid under this program and there is no limit on the number of classes or semesters that can be paid. Eligible dependents are defined as a spouse or dependent children who are unmarried, under the age of 26 and reported as a dependent for tax purposes by the eligible UAH employee requesting the tuition assistance.

NOTE: Lab fees, Engineering Equipment Fees, parking decals, late registration fees, late payment fees, housing, meal tickets and other miscellaneous charges are not eligible for payment under this program. Tuition assistance is subject to the approval of the Employee Benefits or Human Resources Office and actual payment may be subject to change by either the Bursar's Office and/or the Employee Benefits Office.

If you need a tuition assistance application it can be obtained from UAH Employee Benefits in Shelbie King Hall or it can be downloaded via the Web.