Congratulations go to both Auburn University and University of South Alabama for being selected for the 2020 X-Hab Academic Innovation Challenge. The X-Hab Challenges are administered by the NASA National Space Grant as a way to engage college students in addressing various space related technical issues. Each school applied to the following categories and were accepted on May 24th. 

Life Support


  • University of South Alabama, Mobile
    Technical Evaluation of Methods to Recover Liquids from Gas in Microgravity
    Students will develop and execute a test and evaluation management plan to evaluate the ability of 4-6 commercial hydrophobic and omniphobic materials to affect gas/liquid separations under microgravity flow conditions.

Space Life Sciences

  • Auburn University, Alabama
    Volume Optimization for Food Production During Deep Space Exploration
    Students will design, build and test an electromechanical plant growth chamber that can automatically sense, actuate and control functions to maintain growth during a long duration Mars mission.


The award notice can be found here. The Alabama Space Grant Consortium congratulates and supports both Auburn University and University of South Alabama as part of it's mission to help develop the STEM and Space workforce of Alabama.