As enrollment at UAH grows, we are striving to keep pace with additional vehicular and bicycle parking capacity and sidewalk improvements to make walking on campus both safe and convenient. Last academic year, over 200 parking spaces were added south of the Materials Science Building and 75 spaces behind the University Fitness Center. Additionally, the parking lot behind Cramer Hall and the SWIRLL building previously leased to Benchmark Electronics is now part of the UAH parking inventory. Later this summer an approximately 180 space parking lot will be constructed between Spragins Hall and the Early Learning Center across Ben Graves Drive from Roberts Hall. This new lot will be available before construction closes parking adjacent to Morton Hall. 

In addition to new parking, improvements have been made to sidewalks and crosswalks to help connect the campus units on both sides of Sparkman Drive. A sidewalk was installed from the “Benchmark lot” to link up with the sidewalk that runs along the western extension of Knowledge Drive across Sparkman Drive leading to the crosswalk across Sparkman Drive to the UAH entrance. Likewise, a sidewalk was also installed on the south end of campus along John Wright Drive leading to the Sparkman Drive crosswalk to Olin B. King Technology Hall and Shelbie King Hall. A crosswalk across John Wright Drive linking the south end sidewalk on the south side of John Wright Drive to the sidewalk on the north side of John Wright Drive was also installed. Finally, the new lot near Spragins Hall will also provide a direct sidewalk link connecting Roberts Hall to the Early Learning Center.

These parking enhancements are supported, in part, from parking revenues. In order to continue to support them, parking fees for 2018-19 will be increased modestly as indicated below.


2018-19 Parking Permits

New parking permits are now available for “pre-sale” online at  As soon as the 2018-19 hangtags and decals for motorcycles and mopeds are available for mail out or pick up, that information will be published on the Parking Management website, and an announcement will be sent out to that effect.

Faculty and staff permits for 2018-19 will be valid through August 31, 2019, and student permits for 2018-19 will be valid through August 2, 2019, unless the permit holder separates from the University. Students should pay particular attention to the expiration date for their parking hangtags in 2019 as it has changed.  


2018-19 Parking Fees

Costs listed are for cars and trucks/motorcycles and mopeds. There is no charge for a bicycle permit.

$130.00/$65.00 for each permit purchased before or during the 2018 fall semester.

$90.00/$45.00 for each permit purchased after January 1, 2019 but before the end of the 2019 spring semester.  

$45.00/$25.00 for each permit purchased after the spring semester ends.  


Special Notice for Student Residents

Zone parking enforcement will commence on August 13th. Student residents arriving in the fall are encouraged to have their proper parking permit before moving into the residence halls. To expedite the process of obtaining parking permits, students should go online at to pay parking fees and register their vehicle(s).  The Parking Management Office as well as two additional satellite locations will be open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm on "move-in day" for students to pick up their permits.   The satellite locations are tentatively planned for one inside Charger Village and the other inside the Conference Training Center. 


Parking Lot Rezoning

North Campus (Morton Hall Renovation and Annex Construction)

At the beginning of the fall semester, Morton Hall faculty and staff will begin to transition from the G-7 Lot, which is northwest of Morton Hall to a newly rezoned Faculty/Staff area in front of the Conference Training Center.  The G-7 Lot will remain open for Commuters and Faculty/Staff until the renovation project begins and the lot closes.  The G-8 Lot (residential lot), northwest and adjacent to Frank Franz Hall will remain open for student resident parking until sometime around Labor Day.  A portion of the G-10 Lot will be rezoned from Commuter and Faculty/Staff parking to Residential Parking to accommodate north campus residence students displaced from the closing of the G-8 Lot.  

The new surface parking to be constructed between Spragins Hall and the Early Learning Center should be completed around Labor Day and will be zoned for Commuters and Faculty/Staff.     Please review the parking zone map for more information as these changes are implemented.

South Campus

The W-29 Lot will be rezoned for residential parking to accommodate the occupants of the new Charger Village Residence Hall. The rezoning will give these students a clear walking path along the Greenway to the residence hall. The newest surface parking lot located south of the Materials Science Building will be an expansion of the W-28 Lot; it will remain zoned for Commuters and Faculty/Staff.  


Planners and coordinators for all special events, conferences, meetings, symposia, training sessions, etc., where parking for guests and attendees is anticipated should become familiar with the procedures for making special parking requests.   Please read section K in the revised UAH Motor Vehicle Rules and Regulations. 

I hope you have a safe and fun summer! 


Michael R. Snellgrove
Assistant Vice President for Public Safety and
Chief of Police