The D.S. Davidson Invention to Innovation Center (I2C) building construction and service areas to this facility have begun. The I2C is an incubator to house startup companies. Attached is a map that indicates areas that will be closed to pedestrians for construction activity and probable dates for those closures – dates are weather dependent. An area from Holmes Avenue along east and north side of BAB will be closed immediately until approximately October, 2018 (this area is shown in purple). The area east of Wilson Hall to the west side sidewalk by the Library northward to CCH will be closed approximately September 20, 2017 until January, 2018 (this area is shown in red).

Pedestrians moving adjacent to these areas should plan for travel along the sidewalk by the parking lot in front of Wilson Hall and BAB or other open area for north/south travel. A temporary sidewalk will be placed near the entry of CCH for pedestrian travel exiting CCH and headed east and north/south and entering CCH from the north/south on the Greenway side.

We apologize for the inconvenience of these closures, but we are working for an overall improvement for not only service access, but also pedestrian movement within the red zone and the new building addition within the purple zone for enhanced campus services and outreach.

construction zones