Active alumni are the heart of the UAH Alumni Association and alumni chapters bring active alumni together for the common purpose of encouraging increased participation and connection with the Alumni Association and the University as a whole. Chapters are a means through which individuals can contribute their talents to the objectives and purpose of the UAH Alumni Association and The University of Alabama in Huntsville. A Charger Alumni Chapter is a group of UAH alumni, friends, or fans who possess a common interest, goal, purpose, geographic location, or place of employment and are united by their Charger spirit.

Types of Alumni Chapters:

Corporate Chapters
Corporate Chapters are formed among companies with a high concentration of UAH graduates.

Regional Chapters
Regional Chapters are formed by alumni living in the same city or geographical region.

Affinity / Special Interest Chapters
Affinity or Special Interest Chapters are formed by alumni with similar interests or campus affiliations.

Want to get involved with an existing chapter or establish a new one? Contact to start a chapter in your area.