A Charger Alumni Chapter or Affinity Group is a group of UAH alumni who possess a common interest, goal, purpose, geographic location, or place of employment and are united by their Charger spirit.

Alumni chapters and affinity groups bring active alumni together for the common purpose of encouraging participation and connection with the UAH Alumni Association and the University as a whole. Chapters and affinity groups are a means through which individuals can contribute their talents to the objectives and purpose of the UAH Alumni Association and the University.

Examples of alumni chapters and affinity groups include:

  • Corporate Chapters – Corporate chapters are comprised of alumni employed by the same company.

  • Regional Chapters – Regional chapters are made up of alumni residing in the same city or geographical region, e.g., Atlanta Regional Chapter, Birmingham Regional Chapter, Nashville Regional Chapter.

  • Affinity Groups / Special Interest Chapters – Affinity groups or special interest chapters include alumni who share a common activity, attribute, or occupation, e.g., hockey, gaming, veterans, or nursing.

If you would like to get involved with an existing chapter, please reach out to the Office of Alumni Relations at alumni@uah.edu.

If you are interested in establishing a new chapter or affinity group, please first review the Alumni Chapters and Affinity Groups Leadership Manual. Once you have reviewed the manual, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at alumni@uah.edu to state your interest and schedule an initial meeting (in-person or via phone) with the Executive Director.

Leadership Manual
for Alumni Chapters and Affinity Groups