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An Alumni Chapter is a group of UAH alumni who possess a common interest, goal, purpose, geographic location, or place of employment and are united by their Charger spirit.

Alumni chapters bring recent graduates and active alumni together for the purpose of engagement through events that foster pride and create a lifelong connection with the UAH Alumni Association and the University.

Everyone is welcome! Alumni Chapters are open to UAH alumni who are parents, family, friends, and fans.

If you would like to get involved with an existing chapter, please reach out to the Office of Alumni Relations at

If you are interested in establishing a new chapter, please first review the Alumni Chapters Overview. Once you have reviewed, complete the New Chapter Intent Form and email the completed form to the Office of Alumni Relations at Once the form has been received, the Office will evaluate your request and contact you with next steps.

Examples of alumni chapters and affinity groups include:

  • Regional Chapters: Regional Chapters are made up of alumni residing in the same city or geographical region, e.g., Atlanta Regional Chapter, Birmingham Regional Chapter, Nashville Regional Chapter.
  • Corporate Chapters: Corporate Chapters are alumni employed by the same company.
  • Chapters: Chapters include alumni who share a common interest, activity, attribute, or occupation, e.g., athletics, gaming, veterans, or nursing.

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Corporate Chapters

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