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FY22 EPSCoR Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN)


The NASA NOFO for the 2022 EPSCoR proposal was released on November 15, 2021.  Please follow the solicitation guidelines in the solicitation (similar to the previous years').  It should remain similar to those requirements with only minor changes.  NASA will only accept a single submission from the Alabama jurisdiction, so we are only allowing one submission per university to be accepted for consideration.  Please find below the timeline for the process to submit for the Alabama proposal.  Deadlines will be strictly followed.  We will update you with any changes as they occur.  During this official process, for reasons of fairness and propriety, I will only communicate with you or your designee at each of the 7 research universities.  I will follow the same protocol that you, in your capacity as a member of the Alabama State EPSCoR Committee, have previously approved and we have followed in the past.  All official communication to me on this NOFO, or other Alabama NASA EPSCoR matters, should be copied to Debora Nielson at debora.nielson@uah.edu and Brooke Graham at brooke.graham@uah.edu.


1) Each University selects its proposal and directs him/her to proceed:  ASAP

1a) Upon selection, each University informs the Alabama NASA EPSCoR Office of the S-I/Co-I's name(s), proposed areas of interest, and any desired NASA Center and/or Mission Directorate alignment.  This will be submitted as part of the NOI on December 15, 2021.

2)  Each proposer reviews the NOFO and prepares his/her proposal for consideration by the Alabama NASA EPSCoR Office.  Each proposal should be as close to the final as possible as defined in the NOFO, but at the request of our respective Offices of Sponsored Programs (OSP's) or equivalent need not be satisfied at this time since these are not yet official proposals to the Agency.  Rather, we are simply trying to select the best technical proposal with the best chance of winning in the NASA EPSCoR framework.

2a) Budgets should be for $675K over 3 years, with matching funds as described in the solicitation.  Use 10/1/2022-9/30/2025 as the period of performance when constructing the budget and budget justification.

3)  Deadline for receipt of the proposals at the Alabama NASA EPSCoR office: January 12, 2022 

4)  Proposal review period: January 12 - January 27, 2022 

5)  Selection announcement:  January 28, 2022

6)  Winner has time to make final adjustments with input from reviewers and my office.

7)  Final proposal to Alabama NASA EPSCoR office: February 4, 2022

8) Submission to UAH OSP for preparation of package: February 7, 2022

9)  Proposal submitted to NASA via NSPIRES by February 14, 2022


AL EPSCoR Director, Dale Thomas, must be the PI on all EPSCoR proposals.  Please prepare accordingly.

The NASA Submission Deadline is February 14, 2022.