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The FY24 International Space Station Flight Opportunity (ISS) solicitation has been released. We will collect two-page proposal summaries containing the following information:


  • Technical proposal – summary of research to be performed & expected results
  • NASA mission relevance
  • Technical approach – who does what (address any teaming here)
  • Top level budget (e.g. net funding to be requested, allotted to team members). Maximum amount is $150k ($22k will remain with the EPSCoR program office to cover management fees)


Please send directly to me (brooke.graham@uah.edu) by COB February 6, 2024.  This opportunity is more niche than other EPSCoR programs – we typically receive 0-2 submissions. If a downselection is required, I will announce the proposer moving forward on February 13th and will provide further details on the full submission at that time. The official due date to NASA is April 15, 2024.


You can find the official solicitation here.