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Spring 2024 English 200-Level Courses

Registering for a 200-level English course for the Spring 2024? Learn more about our exciting courses!

EH 208-01

Readings in Literature and Culture: Time in

Dr. Colleen Noletto

The class will allow you to time travel! View this short interview to learn more. 

EH 208-02

Readings in Literature and Culture: Fair Tales

Dr. Beth Boswell

The class is structured around Fairy Tales, including the works of Walt Disney. View this short interview to learn more. 

EH 246-01 and -02

Speculative Realities: Utopian Dreams and Realities

Heather Cross  

An investigation of the foundation of Thomas More’s Utopian idea and ways it has and has not found expression in reality. Readings:  More’s Utopia.  Adichie’s We Should All Be Feminists. Suits’ The Grasshopper-Games, Life and Utopia. Texts on modern Utopian ideas.  

EH 242-01

Mythology: “Tell Me a Story”: old texts, modern contexts

Dr. Chad Thomas

We will examine ancient and modern myths including Theogony, Popul Vuh, Prose Edda, Ramayana, "Cupid and Psyche," Carl Jung on Dreams, "The Hero's Journey," Raven stories from North America, Daniel Boone stories, Stagecoach/Firefly, Vampire stories, and contemporary poetry and short stories in many formats such as movies, graphic novels, video games, YA fiction and emblems of contemporary society.

EH 244-03 and H04 

Heroes & Monsters: Frankenstein 

Dr. Joe Conway 

The class is structured around Frankenstein. View this short interview to learn more.

EH 246-03

Speculative Realities: Climate

Dr. Ryan Brown

Explore the “What If’s” in literature and see where they can lead you. View this short interview to learn more. 

EH 246-04 and -05

Speculative Realities: Science Fiction: The Art of Cognitive Estrangement

Dr. Eric Smith

We will explore the form’s evolution from its historical roots and contexts to its contemporary global expressions, primarily with the short story form, but two short novels and two films included. Readings will include: Jeff Vandermeer’s The Big Book of Science Fiction, Vandana Singh’s Of Love and Other Monsters, Vauhini Vara’s The Immortal King Rao

EH 241-01

Literature Without Borders 

Dr. David St. John

Reading, discussing, analyzing, and writing about literature without borders (might include global perspectives, transnational literature, travel memoirs, etc.) This course covers multiple literary genres, at least two historical periods, diverse authors, and explores various cultural contexts; this course is designed for students of all majors. View this short interview to learn more.