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News and Events

The Women's and Gender Studies Program organizes many events that serve the UAH faculty, staff, and students, and the broader Huntsville and North Alabama communities. These events include presentations, speakers, fairs and expositions, and theatre, art and musical events, all of which nurture the social awareness of gender in our region and make UAH an intellectual hub of progressive culture. We are proud of our record of past events, and we look forward to continuing to provide stimulating future events for our university and our community.

You can find a schedule of current and upcoming events, print out a campus map, and browse past events. Our current and archived newsletters give details about many of our past events, provide profiles of past student award winners and teaching faculty, and serve as a historical record of the Women's and Gender Studies Program and its activities.

If you have any questions about upcoming events or news items, please contact the Women's and Gender Studies Program Office at 256-824-6190 or