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HSV Production
HSV Production

Intrepid. Innovative. Boundary-Pushing.

Huntsville Shakespeare is committed to producing works written by and influenced by the Bard in ways not dared by others. By developing non-traditional concepts for classical shows, Huntsville Shakespeare delivers seasons unlike any other summer festival. It’s unique mission allows Huntsville Shakespeare to engage its audiences and community with high quality, entertaining performances.

Our Mission

Huntsville Shakespeare (Huntsville Shakes) is committed to producing high quality, innovative theatre for Huntsville and this region on the University of Alabama-Huntsville campus. We imagine two components: a “traditional” mainstage offering and an experimental workshop series, which will fill a current market opening; develop and produce the works of William Shakespeare (and associated playwrights) in ways that push the boundaries of traditional/normative performance conventions; and, engage the UAH and Huntsville community members as participants and audiences in order to build and strengthen both communities together.

What we're looking forward to

  • EXPLORING GENDER! We are interested in how the gender dynamics of the play are changed (or not) when roles that are typically associated with masculinity or femininity are swapped. In addition, our performers will sometimes play roles that they are generally not considered for because of gender, giving them the opportunity to expand their character range, and challenge their own performative stereotypes.
  • RE-CONCEIVING SHAKESPEARE! Shakespeare’s works certainly have a timeless quality--we hope to offer interpretations of his plays that contemporary audiences will connect with, whether they have much previous experience with Shakespeare or are newbies.
  • REGIONAL REPERTORY THEATRE! While we are starting relatively small (one full production and one staged reading per summer), we have big plans! We look forward to expanding to multiple full productions, performed in repertory, over the course of the summer. Within ten years, we hope to be able to offer indoor and outdoor venues with 3-to-4 productions each summer.
  • SHAKESPEARE IN THE SCHOOLS! We believe in arts education, and we look forward to being able to offer workshops and touring productions of our shows. We think Shakespeare is valuable to children of all ages, in elementary, middle, and high school, and we want to be a good neighbor and bring Shakespeare to our regional schools.


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Open House - Apr 11
Cast Spotlight

Stella B.

This is a truly wonderful organization. It's a great opportunity for Huntsvillians to engage with The Bard in an accessible manner. I look forward to this company's bright future!