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The Joint Undergraduate Master’s Program (JUMP) in Psychology is designed to save students in the Psychological Sciences track who wish to pursue their master’s in Psychology at UAH track time money while allowing them to skip the formal application process (i.e., no standardized tests!). We are pleased that you are considering pursuing a master’s in Psychology via JUMP.

Students who meet the eligibility criteria can begin taking up to 12 hours of graduate courses in their Junior year while paying undergraduate tuition prices for them.  These courses are typically covered by scholarships or financial aid a student may be receiving.  These graduate courses count towards both the undergraduate and graduate degree requirements as long as students earn a B or better in the graduate courses. The master’s program in Psychology requires 30-33 hours of coursework; thus, JUMP allows you to complete almost half of the requirements while still an undergraduate student.  If students plan well, JUMP allows them to complete their bachelor’s degree in 4 years and their master’s in 1 additional year.

  • GPA:  3.5 GPA in all Psychology courses (including transfer PY courses)
  • Majors: Students in the Psychological Sciences track are eligible to apply after completing the following courses with grades of B or better in each and a 3.5 overall PY GPA:
    • PY 101
    • PY 102
    • PY 300/304
    • PY 302
    • 1 Group A course (PY 316, PY 414, PY 436, PY 480)
    • 1 Group B course (PY 301, PY 375, PY 415, PY 435)
For more information: 

Please contact Dr. Nathan Tenhundfeld at to schedule an appointment to identify which courses will work for JUMP and for assistance completing the application.

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The Joint Undergraduate Master's Program Application is HERE.