Master of Arts in Psychology

The Master of Arts in Psychology emphasizes an understanding and appreciation of the scientific basis of behavior. The  focus is general-experimental with coursework in applied experimental, biological, cognitive, developmental, human factors, industrial/organizational, and social psychology. Students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on research experience working side by side with faculty members in their labs.

Two of our courses are available through Online Learning: PY 502 Industrial/Organizational Psychology and PY 503 Human Factors.

The M.A. program in Experimental Psychology involves 30 hours of coursework and a thesis. Students in the program may choose to specialize in Industrial/Organizational psychology, which is one of the fastest growing occupations over the past ten years. 

The M.A. program is directed primarily toward students whose goal is the continuation of scholarly study, research, and writing. It is also appropriate for those who want to apply their skills and knowledge for use in the professional workplace.

This program is not designed to qualify students for licensure or private practice, or to enable them to provide therapeutic psychological services without further advanced education.

For a full list of courses for Master of Arts in Psychology, visit the UAH Catalog.

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Admission Requirements

Pre-requisites for the M.A. program are a bachelor's degree in psychology, including coursework in experimental design and statistics. Prospective students who do not yet have these pre-requisites can take the necessary pre-requisites in our undergraduate curriculum; students should contact the Chair of the Psychology Department to discuss this possibility.

Documents for Graduate School

  • Official transcripts: From all colleges and universities attended (minimum GPA accepted 3.25)
  • GRE scores for the general exam: Minimum scores Verbal + Quantitative = 300, with no scores below 150. Ideally, the percentile rank will be 50 or above for each section of the exam.

Documents for Department of Psychology

  • Three letters of recommendation: From university professors; at least two from psychology professors
  • Letter of intent: A description of why you want to study experimental psychology at UAH and with which faculty member you would potentially like to work
  • Empirical research report: An APA-formatted research paper describing data you have collected and analyzed. If this is not a paper you completed for a class but a publication that you completed with other authors, the applicant must be first author on the paper.

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