Students from the University of Alabama in Huntsville sitting in chairs in front of a large screen
The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) will celebrate outstanding students, faculty and staff at Honors Day events on Friday, April 5, 2024. The Honors College’s Medallion Ceremony, shown in this photo from the April 4, 2023, Honors Day, begins the day’s events at 9 a.m. in Charger Union Theater. Throughout the day, the UAH Colleges of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Business; Education; Engineering; Nursing, and Science will showcase exceptional achievements.
Michael Mercier / UAH

Outstanding students, faculty and staff at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) will receive well-earned kudos on Friday, April 5, during the university’s annual celebration of Honors Day. UAH is a part of The University of Alabama System.

Students who have been inducted into honor societies, named to the Dean’s List and President’s List, and who have attained excellence in scholastic programs during this academic year will be recognized at invitation-only events. Awards will also highlight the work of faculty and staff members who have made exceptional contributions to the educational experience of these students.

“Time flies at the end of the semester. Honors Day is a wonderful chance to slow down and celebrate the success of our students,” said Dr. Christina Steidl, associate dean, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHS), and associate professor, Department of Sociology. “It’s not just about students though. I also enjoy learning more about the creative and innovative ways that our faculty are engaging with students – both in the classroom and through research, internships, and other educational activities.”

CAHS began their Honors Day celebration early with I Heart CAHS: Dean’s Tea on Wednesday, April 3. The annual event honors Dean’s and President’s lists students and presents custom Piper and Leaf jars to those who sign up.

The I Heart CAHS: Honors Day program will showcase the exceptional achievements of students, faculty and staff on Friday afternoon in Morton Hall with a dessert reception following.

“On a daily basis, I get to hear about individual examples of impressive scholarship, research, and service in our college,” said Dr. Sean Lane, dean, CAHS, and interim dean, Honors College. “On Honors Day, we get to commemorate students, faculty and staff who, through hard, sustained work have achieved something exceptional. This is truly a community celebration that allows us to acknowledge individual achievements and provides inspiration for all. It is a wonderful way to acknowledge all we have accomplished throughout the year.”

The Honors College will hold its Medallion Ceremony for graduating seniors on Friday morning at the Charger Union Theater. The college also will present various undergraduate awards.

The College of Business holds an Honor’s Banquet twice a year for its outstanding students. This semester, the event will be held Friday evening at the Jackson Center to recognize the top student in each undergraduate major, students who have made an impact on the college, students who have demonstrated outstanding service, and students who were accepted into the Top 20 program. Honoring the Top 20 students is a new feature this year. The college’s outstanding faculty members also will be recognized.

“We are excited to celebrate Honors Day at UAH to recognize the academic accomplishments of our students,” said Dr. Jason Greene, dean, College of Business. “We are fortunate to have a vibrant learning environment where students are supported and challenged to do their best. Honors Day is when we pause to celebrate those who have embraced learning opportunities and dedicated themselves to academic excellence. Our faculty and staff are so proud of these students and the work that they have done.”

The College of Education ceremony will include Dean’s and President’s lists, individual academic achievement awards and inductions for the college’s two honor societies: Kappa Delta Pi and Kappa Omicron Nu. It will be held Friday afternoon in the Student Services Building.

A new Education award this year is the Dodd-Elder Physical Education Major of the Year award. It will be presented by the two alumni for whom the award was named: Caroline Dodd McAnally and Chandler Elder Smith.

“Students within the College of Education routinely go above and beyond in the classroom, on campus and in the community,” said Dr. Jeremy Elliott, associate dean, College of Education. “The faculty and staff are proud of how well our students represent UAH. We’re excited to celebrate them at Honors Day and shine a light on all their academic accomplishments.”

The College of Engineering will begin Honors Day celebrations with a barbecue lunch at the Engineering Building on Friday for students who made the Dean’s List or President’s List in the spring or fall of 2023. There will be pork, turkey and all the fixings as well as vegetarian options.

That evening, the college will honor an outstanding student from each of the college’s programs during an awards banquet. These students were selected based on multiple criteria, including grade point average and involvement.

“Our engineering programs are demanding and rigorous,” said Dr. Jennifer English, associate dean, undergraduate affairs, and associate professor, electrical engineering. “Honors Day serves as validation for the effort that engineering students put into their studies.”

The College of Nursing will hold its annual Honors Convocation on Friday afternoon in the Nursing Building. Dessert refreshments will be served following the awards.

“The College of Nursing celebrates students’ success in our undergraduate programs each year by highlighting students who have top academic performance, have taken leadership roles in the college, and have consistently demonstrated clinical excellence,” said Dr. Karen Frith, dean, College of Nursing. “Once the high-achieving students graduate, they will become registered nurses serving the healthcare needs of the greater Huntsville community. If one of my family members needed nursing care, I would be confident in the ability of our graduates to provide intelligent, compassionate care!”

The College of Science will hold its Honors Day ceremony at the Shelby Center for Science and Technology at noon with a reception following. Along with honoring outstanding students, each year the college presents awards for distinction in teaching, research, and faculty and staff excellence.

This year the college will present the new Part-Time Teaching Excellence Award, which will be given to a part-time instructor who has demonstrated excellence in teaching through creative and innovative methods and who is committed to student success.

Another new College of Science award will highlight student achievement beyond the classroom with the Honors Distinction Awards for Community Recognition.

Congratulations to all our high-achieving Chargers!